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Shelbie Girl

Shelbie Girl

I knew from the moment I started my blog that I could not get very far unless I had an obligatory post about my dogs, Shelbie and Stetson. I think they each deserve a post of their own so sit back and relax as I carry on about Shelbie.

She also responds to the following:

Shelbie Girl 
Shooby Doo
Shelbie Welbie Dawg
Shelbidy Welbidy
Shelbie Belle
Shelbie Girl Diva Princess…..because she is a diva

I love Shelbie’s adoption story. It’s a true and special rescue story and I am so grateful to her rescuer who dropped everything and drove to Abilene in the middle of the night to save Shelbie’s mom and siblings. Here’s the unabridged version:
Shay and I had talked about getting a dog for quite some time. We had settled on a labrador but were not having much luck through breeders or rescue sites. Once we knew we were serious, we searched endlessly on DFW pet finder sites and were captivated over each of the adorable faces. One particular night, I was casually searching the pet finder site for what was probably the 3498th time that day. I came across a GORGEOUS black lab puppy named Bella. Shay encouraged me to call the number listed to receive additional information. I surely thought no one would answer as it was 8:00 pm but someone picked up! I quickly learned Bella, her mother, and several siblings were just rescued from Abilene and the rescuer (it was her cell phone) was searching for families to adopt. I instantly was hooked because Shay and I met in Abilene and that little West Texas city has a special place in our hearts. We made arrangements for us to travel to Mansfield that weekend to participate in a “meet and greet.” Not even a minute after hanging up, the rescuer texted me letting me know that I could come the very next day to meet Bella. I immediately responded, “Yes!” The next day was my last day of work before the summer break (I work in a school district) so I drove straight to Mansfield after work and Shay met me there.

Words cannot describe the emotions I felt as I laid eyes on this baby girl. She was soooo soft and still has her impeccably shiny coat.

In between handling Bella and frantically trying to write down information about her special diet, I learned the gruesome details of her prior living situation. Bella, her mom, and siblings were residing on a ranch in Abilene. Details are a bit hazy as to who actually owned this fur-family but the story goes that once local ranchers discovered Bella’s mom had delivered puppies, the ranchers began to “eliminate” the puppies in very inhumane ways. The assumed motive was that they did not want the puppies roaming their land. Some of Bella’s littermates died as of a result of the ranchers’ unspeakable actions. I’m amazed how Bella and a few of siblings survived. Someone I guess knew of the rescuer and informed her of the situation. The rescuer went to Abilene in the middle of the night and took all of Bella’s family back to Fort Worth where they received medical care. We did not get to meet Bella’s mom but in pictures, she looked so malnourished and had cuts on her body from having cactus needles. I was worried that the puppies would be affected as well but they looked as plump and as healthy as could be!

We decided to rename Bella “Shelbie” as Shay has been wanting to own a Shelby Mustang for quite a long time now.

First family picture!

Shelbie has grown and grown and grown. Then she stops. And then she grows and grows some more. We don’t really know what her breed is- we suspect Labrador and Great Dane. Regardless, she’s 100% rescue and that’s the best breed 🙂

Shelbie is able to follow basic commands, walk well on her leash (unless there is a squirrel in site), swim in a pool, and wants to go everywhere with you (road trips, Petsmart, dog park, walks). She knows how to create the perfect beggar’s face so you’ll give her what she wants. She’ll cry if you leave her outside for more than a few minutes but once I come outside, she’ll take off and completely ignore me. If you heard her bark/yawn, you would know she’s a direct ancestor of Chewbacca. Shelbie isn’t really into fetching toys but likes to play keep-away and have us chase her! Since we’ve adopted Stetson, she has really matured and has become super lazy. Stetson is an energizer bunny so it’s no wonder. Shelbie is 1000% daddy’s girl and loves hugs/snuggles/kisses from him. There are some moments when she will cozy up to mommy too especially if she wants a treat.

So that’s all about my Shoobie Doo. She’s an absolute doll/princess/diva/sweetheart and I am proud to be her mommy (aka: second favorite parent/supervisor). I can’t believe she will be 2 in several months!

Next week, I’ll post all about Mr. Stetson (whom I’m convinced is a mama’s boy). Shay disagrees so look for dog #3 in the future. JUST KIDDING 🙂 We are not ready to be outnumbered.

Happy tails to all,

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  • I found your blog via the Friday Favorites link-up… Saw the pictures of your dogs, and HAD to find out about them. BLESS YOUR HEARTS for rescuing Shelbie and Stetson… There is a paw print car magnet that says “who rescued who?” I’ve rescued 4 dogs – they’ve since gone to puppy heaven – and my current 3 year old blue nose pit was a pre-rescue… before the family wanted to give her to a shelter (and euthanasia as a pretty good certainty.). Oh how they wangle themselves into our hearts… Bless you!

    • Thank you Laurie for your sweet words!! They are a joy and you wouldn’t know they’re dogs since they are given the royal treatment LOL they are majorly spoiled. I need that magnet because it’s so true- they have captured our hearts and are the most loyal dogs ever. Bless you for rescuing as well!!

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