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Stetson Boy

Stetson Boy

Hi everyone! Hope everyone has had an excellent week so far!!

I’m so excited to talk about Stetson this week. He is literally the happiest dog in the world and is always down for an adventure. Stetson is always on the move so it’s a rare moment that I get a good pictures of him!

Side note: I just got a big girl camera! The first two pictures are from my new camera! I’m so excited but still have lots to learn!

Aliases for Stetson:
Stetson the Texan
Stetson the Cowboy
Stetty Wetty Bugle Boy
Stetty Spaghetti


Shay and I had been contemplating adopting another dog for quite some time. I was open to adopting another lab while Shay was interested in a Doberman. Naturally, we ended up with a Rottweiler mix. Happy medium!!

After talking around and around for quite some time, we finally decide to visit our local shelter down the street this past September. Stetson (formerly known as Conrad) was actually the third dog we looked at- the first two were not good fits for Shelbie (one was aggressive towards her and the other was too dominating). Stetson and Shelbie immediately hit it off. He had so much energy and wanted to play his little heart out with Shelbie.

Stetson was brought in as a stray but I wondered if he had been someone’s pet at one time as he knew how to fetch. He looked really skinny and we found out he had worms….poor guy! He has gained about 15 pounds in the past couple of months and is looking much healthier. We aren’t entirely sure of his age. At the time of his adoption, he was estimated to be between 7-12 months. He still has many puppy tendencies so I’m thinking he is on the younger side.

Stetson loves playing any type of fetching game. I have this large rubber ball that he will chase after and pick up with his mouth. If Shelbie is around, he’ll “taunt” her by playfully nudging her as he trots back to me with the ball. Typical little brother move. He has a hearty appetite and always follows his sister around. Stetson almost always has a half-eaten bone in his mouth. At times, it looks like he has a cigar in his mouth and it cracks me up. He is very eager to please and has taken to learning commands well. Since he has a verbally precocious older sister, it took him a while to bark at the door for going outside. Now, he will loudly and proudly let you know when he needs to go! Due to his high volume of energy, he has become my running buddy. He absolutely loves to run. Stetson is a light sleeper and morning person just like his mommy. There’s no getting past him! At the dog park, he is quite sociable and loves joining packs of dogs who run around and play fetch with their owners. He also tends to take over fetching games…oops. We love our Stetty Boy. He’s been a very easy, friendly dog and fits like a glove in our family.

Paw-sitively yours,

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