Moving Slow Monday

Moving Slow Monday

I am moving slow this Monday morning since I celebrated all weekend! My family came in from Houston to visit me and there was lots of eating involved. We grilled out Saturday evening, had birthday cupcakes, presents, and games. Sunday consisted of church, going to Costco, and eating at Uncle Julio’s. For dessert, we had coupons for their Chocolate Piñata. Basically, this big tray comes out with a chocolate ball hanging from it. You crack it with the hit of a wooden stick and churros, pineapples, blackberries, and strawberries fall out. The tray has whipped cream, chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauces on it so you can dip your fruit/churros. Soooo yummy! (please excuse my horrible screen shot!!)


Uncle Julio’s is a made-from scratch kitchen and I’m happy to say I found a dish to meet my needs. I throughly enjoyed their grilled vegetable fajitas. They are simply delicious along with their black beans and cilantro rice.

We also bowled afterwards which may explain my soreness this morning (premature signs of aging?) Too bad I only bowled one strike to show for it! We were amazed at this one bowler in a lane near us. All we saw were straight X’s on the score board. He had been bowling for a few games but his cumulative score was over 900. Maybe I need to sign up for the “Lousy Bowler’s Club” at my local bowling alley after all….

Given the large quantities of food consumed as well as remaining leftovers, my food post will be later this week. We have to catch up on eating here as there is no room in the fridge for new creations!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Never eating again,


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