How We Do Meals at Home

How We Do Meals at Home

I get a lot of questions about how food works in our family! I thought I would start a series about how we navigate foodie situations. First up- meals at home!

I remember the very beginning of my gluten-free journey. After reading every single label and setting aside most products to be tossed or donated, I stared at my empty pantry. What in the world will I eat?

Prior to becoming gluten-free, I was adhering to a very very strict diet of basically rice, sandwiches, and salads for about four years with a healthy side of Tums, Nexium, and Rolaids. I was convinced my body was reacting to anything and EVERYTHING that would trigger acid reflux/tummy problems/bloating/you name it. Though I thought I was being healthy and helping my body, I was actually damaging it without even knowing it. I basically had to figure out how to contrive a diet of what little foods I was eating already. And then, I had to figure out how to find foods that would also meet Shay’s dietary needs.

Our everyday meals are not glamorous. We both work full time jobs and there are some days where I literally can’t even. Saturday mornings are usually when I do my grocery shopping. I try really hard to meal plan for the week but as expected, things come up (working late, general tiredness, friend wants to hang out).

Breakfast is usually on our own. I typically do Cheerios, yogurt, dried fruit, or a Larabar most mornings and it goes with me to work. Shay does not often eat breakfast in the morning but if he does have breakfast, it may be a breakfast sandwich or a yogurt. Lunch for me is usually lunch leftovers or beans/rice. Shay’s lunches these days tend to be on the go but every blue moon, he’ll have me pack sandwiches and chips for him.

For dinner, I will cook one big meal over the weekend and another big meal during the week. On other nights, we have meals that can pulled together relatively quickly. We eat breakfast for dinner a lot so I make sure there is sausage or bacon for Shay as well as eggs. Shay also loves to grill so our freezer contains buns and meat patties. He also loves frozen food so one common meal consists of baking frozen chicken tenders and have them on top of a salad. Many times when I make a dish (like a casserole or soup), I will freeze half of the dish so Shay doesn’t get tired after eating on it for a little bit. This also helps when we need dinner in a crunch.

I am a big beans/rice eater so when I have not adequately planned for myself, I’ll cook a bunch of rice in my rice cooker and have black beans, salsa, Rotel, or any other chopped veggies that I have laying around. It is definitely not fancy but it’s cheap and filling. If I’m not feeling rice/beans, I may heat up some vegetables, cook an egg, and soy sauce with rice.

So that’s pretty much how we do meals everyday. It’s not fancy but we try to get the job done!


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