Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town

I had the privilege of going to a very unique grocery warehouse with my sister-in-law, her mother, and my two nephews this past weekend. This place is in Fort Worth and it’s called “Town Talk.” I was a bit weary to visit since I’m weird about expiration dates. After going on my first visit, I understand why local folks talk about it!!

Town Talk will purchase items from local retailers, distribution centers, manufacturers, etc. and sell them. They are a “salvage retailer” so this permits them to sell food that may not otherwise be deemed “sellable” (food exceeds expiration date, overstock, slight package damaging).

I happened to visit on their busiest day: Saturdays. On Saturdays, fresh produce is brought in at excellent prices. You never know what produce will be in stock until the day of which is even more exciting! The specials for me were items I consumed regularly: oranges, grapes, berries, tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, and apples. The quality of the produce was comparative to what I see what my grocery store. We arrived early so we could be one of the first in line to receive more of the visually appealing fruits and vegetables 🙂

After navigating the crowded produce section, we made our way past the walk-in cooler and frozen food sections. I did not purchase any this time, but they had lots of yogurts, butter, and juices. A lot of the meats were previously fresh/kept at refrigerated temperature up until their expiration date but frozen so they could be resold. For example, I saw a large quantity of Kroger brand turkey bacon that was frozen. I also saw lots of ice cream, frozen snacks, and breakfast items.

For non-perishable items, there were mass quantities of styrofoam products (think large cups/to-go containers, bowls), sports drinks and powders, and dog treats. There were lots of condiments, boxed mixes, snacks, and cereals. I was really amazed at how many gluten-free options there were!

The expiration dates went as far back as 6-7 months for some products, such as barbecue sauces, condiments, etc. I bought several items that had expired with the last week but should continue to be consumable, such as granola and chips. I was pleasantly surprised that many products were still in dates, such as my bread!

I started off with a hand basket. It became so heavy that it had to go under my sister in law’s basket!

Here’s a picture of my loot:

Produce: Blackberries (2 cartons for 1.50), sweet potatoes (39 cents/pound), tomatoes, grapes,

Snacks: Lays potato chips: 99 cents, opened bag of “tortilla” chips (I was hungry!): 59 cents,

Bob Mill’s Gluten Free granola: $1.99- what a steal! Fruit snacks (for work), 12 count gluten-free granola bars: $5

Packaged/canned items: Spaghetti packages: 1.99 each, hot sauce and salsa for Shay, big jar of oregano for cheap, canned mushrooms, apple juice

And my SUPER BUY!!!

Udi’s gluten-free bread (still in date!!!) for $1 per package. I usually find these for about $5 a loaf at my local grocery store. The bread immediately went into my freezer because I eat a lot of sandwiches in the summer.

If anyone knows of any “not your average” grocery stores in the DFW area, let me know! I’m down to visit!!!

Town Talk for the win,


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