Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hi friends!

I’m working to link up with other bloggers on a regular basis so I can provide everyone with more variety in my posts. I’m linking up with some fellow Texas gals: Andrea, Narci, and Erika.

Friday Favorites means sharing your favorite things you have been enjoying throughout the week! This can be anything and everything!

On my blog this week, I talked about my experience at Town Talk Foods. I’m looking forward to my trip there this weekend and seeing what treasures are in store.


Several weeks ago, I purchased these shoes. Now, I have shoes that are strictly for running and retired running shoes that follow the running -> walking -> yardwork shoe continuum. This means I really don’t have any everyday shoes. But now I do! These shoes are practical and perfect for going to the store, running errands, or wearing them to work on jeans day! I bought them at Burlington for about twenty dollars in a gray/mint color. My color isn’t available through Amazon but I really like the options they have available.

I don’t have a picture handy but I’ve been eating these burritos for several months now from Amy’s and they have been perfect for work lunches and quick dinners. Amy’s has at least two gluten-free/non-dairy free burritos that I like. I really enjoy the burritos with a little salsa and heated refried beans on the side. Yum and yummy!

In my spare time, I like to read a few cookbooks to give me inspiration. This book was given to me by Mrs. Teresa. I say book…I really should say encyclopedia! You not only will find recipes but the authors provide detailed explanations as to how the test kitchen staff selected their ingredients and developed the cooking process to make stellar versions of everyday dishes. Definitely worth reading if you are trying to perfect a dish!

Since purchasing my camera last month, I have been trying to learn more about its features and use it consistently for my food photographs. Although my content needs improvement, my camera is at least styling! I bought my camera strap here!

Well that’s about all for my favorites this week! I hope everyone has a great rest of their week and restful weekend!

Peace and Love,


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  • I love the grey and mint color of your shoes! I just bought a pair of leggings with the same colors and now I want to find shoes in the color. Yes I’m obsessed with it 😉

    • Thanks Maureen!! I did see them online at JcPenney in that color so you may try there or your local Burlington store 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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