Talk of the Town II

Talk of the Town II

Howdy folks!

I thought I would share another round of my awesome grocery finds! Don’t worry, I won’t do this every week 🙂

I introduced Town Talk Foods last week on my blog following my initial visit. In short, it is a grocery company in Fort Worth selling groceries at pretty awesome prices. Town Talk purchases their items as “salvage” meaning their license permits them to purchase and resell products that may have slight damage, been deemed unsellable, have already expired (e.g., chips, cereal) or are close to the expiration date.

Several folks have asked about the quality of my groceries from last week. I tried everything I purchased. The only thing I would say was borderline iffy was the granola. It had expired a week prior and tasted a tad bit on the stale side. The fresh produce I bought on their infamous Saturday Produce Day tasted great and the canned items were fine as well.

This week, I really wanted to stock up on produce since we need to up our fruits/veggies game at home. While I did stock up on produce, I just so happened to stumble upon the BEST BUY EVER!!

Cases of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Larabars!!!

Reasons Why I Love Larabars:

  1. It’s really the only granola bar I can eat
  2. Perfect travel bar and energy bar!
  3. Guilt-free dessert and snack!
  4. They are really stinkin’ good!
  5. Did I mention they are really stinkin’ good??

Just a little FYI: at Walmart/Kroger/most grocery stores, Larabars usually run around $4.50 to $5 per box (5 bars per box). At Town Talk, a case of 16 bars cost a mere $3.99. Say what???!!! So I did what any crazed shopper would do and practically cleared the shelf. I didn’t know if I would find this deal again so I wanted to stock up!

I bought four cases so I should be set for a long time! Their marked expiration date was within a few days, however I have frozen most of them.

Here’s what I else I purchased!


  • Berries, berries, and more berries (blackberries were 2/$1.50 a carton)
  • Apples, grapes, and 2 pineapples
  • Organic red and orange bell peppers, onions, and cucumbers
  • Grape tomatoes and the most BEAUTIFUL plump tomatoes that are too pretty to eat
  • Snacks for Shay: ginger snaps, jalapeno chips, blue Frito chips
  • Snacks for me: Kind Bars in the Cinnamon Oat flavor, brown rice cakes
  • Trash bags, 2 huge tubs of antiviral wipes (BOGO free @ $5.99), freezer zip-lock bags
  • Ranch style beans
  • Spice jar
  • 2 Jones soda bottles (79 cents each) and an 8 pack of Izze soda (3.99 for 8)

My total was a little less than 60 dollars. Another successful grocery haul at TTF!!

Thanks for letting me share my grocery haul with you!!

Larabars for days,


2 thoughts on “Talk of the Town II”

  • This is an awesome idea for a grocery store! This past weekend, I noticed a small section of produce that were “imperfect” and thus on sale. Unfortunately nothing there was on my list for the week but it’s a great idea. More stores like this should open!

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