Wednesday Stuff

Wednesday Stuff

Hi everyone!

So I totally goofed/miscalculated and thought today was the link party for What’s Up Wednesday! Ack! So I won’t be linking up since there is no link-up party. Instead, here’s stuff about my Wednesday

What I’m eating this week: A fun twist on beef/broccoli for Shay/vegetable stir-fry for me (recipes will be posted next week!), tacos, and salmon/salad/baked potatoes.

What I’m reminiscing about…. My birthday last month! I had such a great time celebrating with friends and family. I’m also impressed that my blog was born over two months ago and I’ve been able to keep up with it!!

What I’m loving…The weather here FINALLY feels like spring! I’ve been trying to walk/run outside most days with Stetson and Shelbie. Stetson (pic above) especially enjoys his time outside!

What I’ve been up to…I’ve been super busy at work! At home, we have been working to remodel two rooms. The reveal is coming up soon!

What I’m dreading…Nothing particularly at the moment. 

What I’m working on… Developing new recipes, organizing our home when I can, helping Shay with remodeling.

What I’m excited about… Finishing up our two rooms and then moving onto the living room! No more mauve carpet, popcorn ceiling, and wood paneling!

What I’m watching…Designated Survivor is back on following the conclusion of the Olympics. I’m a big Kiefer Sutherland fan and have enjoyed him in the role of the POTUS. I still picture him as Jack Bauer from 24 though.  I’m also trying to catch up on This Is Us with Shay. Since we cut our cable, I’m pretty behind with most popular programs. I sometimes watch documentaries on Netflix or an easy to follow chick flick as I fold laundry, do chores, or work on my blog posts.

What I’m reading…If I’m being honest, nowadays I read mostly cookbooks and other people’s blogs. I am horrible at reading for pleasure unless it is summer time. I have a stack of books I have intended to read for a long time now. I know so many of you out there are avid readers! I need to kick it into high gear!

What I’m listening to…The Greatest Showman soundtrack! I’m past having an obsession with this movie. Other than this soundtrack, I don’t have a particular artist I follow. I select genres based on my mood and whatever activity I’m engaged in. When I’m cleaning or exercising, I like to listen to the “Have a Great Day!” station on Spotify. It’s basically a combination of any catchy song from the oldies (think Beatles, Neil Diamond, Elvis) to songs that came out when I was in school (Hey Ya, Hey Soul Sister, Stacy’s Mom). I’ll also listen to country music, Christian artists, and the best of the 60s/70s/80s. If I have company over, I will most likely have Michael Buble-inspired music on 🙂

What I’m wearing… I live in workout clothes on days I run errands. These are my favorite workout/lay around the house/errand shopping pants EVER!!!! They are so comfortable.

But in the spirit of spring, I’ve also been wearing some floral tops from Amazon because they’re relatively inexpensive. I also used my birthday coupon at Kendra Scott and bought this Rayne necklace in a light pink pearl (I was NOT driving when I took this pic!!!) My parents also gifted me the turquoise necklace for my birthday.

What I’m doing this weekend… Most likely running errands, grocery shopping, doing laundry, working on the house

What I’m looking forward to next month… Easter and several trips planned to Houston. Plus it’s a little more closer to summer!

I’ll get it right eventually!


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