Friday Favorites 03.09.18

Friday Favorites 03.09.18

Hellloooo Friday!

I’m working to link up with other bloggers on a regular basis so I can provide everyone with more variety in my posts. Once again, I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika. Friday Favorites means sharing your favorite things you have been enjoying throughout the week! This can be anything and everything!

I’ve mentioned that I’m in the process of remodeling two rooms in our home. I thought I would share some of the neat items I have purchased. I’m a big Kohl’s shopper because of the coupon stacking so I really hit the jackpot with the below items:

I love Lauren Conrad’s bedding from Kohl’s. This is my second set to own and thought this set would look great in the guest bedroom. I majorly scored and found this comforter set on clearance!

I also purchased all of our curtains from Kohl’s. I wanted something basic so I went with these curtains from the “Big One” brand in the purple color.  Thank goodness for the grand old 30% coupon!

I also picked up several frames as well. The brand is Belle Maison and they have lots of distressed looking frames. I purchased three in different sizes and colors but I won’t show the exact ones just yet 🙂 

I was at Burlington last weekend and ran across this adorable frame. The frame came in several colors so it was hard to choose! I tried to find the frame online but was unsuccessful. The designer is Nanette Lepore.

While we have been hard at work remodeling, I have enjoyed this soda water/beverage. It is like Sprite but has way less sugar and calories. My sister-in-law introduced them to me over the summer and the blackberry flavor is probably my favorite.

A combination of unexpected Texas weather, adopting a very active dog last fall, and house remodeling means my nails have been sorely neglected. I use this shade of pink a lot called “Let Me Bayou a Drink”. It doesn’t look very pink in the picture but it’s a very flattering color for everyday wear.

Well that’s all I have for Friday Favorites! I have two very tasty recipes to share on Monday and oh yes, it’s my Spring Break!!

Let Me Bayou an Izze,


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