Friday Favorites 03.16.2018

Friday Favorites 03.16.2018

Hi everyone!

It’s Friday so that means I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.

I’ve been on spring break this whole week and have enjoyed some rest and relaxation. Today I’ll be sharing some highlights from my week thus far.

On Monday, I tried out these veggie patties from Trader Joe’s with my salmon/rice dinner and really really really enjoyed them! Consider them as vegetable pancakes. I did a bunch of laundry, took the dogs to the park, tidied up some, and took a short nap at 10:00 am. Thank you Daylight Savings…

Running the fence line- her favorite dog park activity


Tuesday, I went to see A Wrinkle In Time with my sister-in-law, nephews, and her friend’s family. I read the book in sixth grade so many of the details were fuzzy. I enjoyed the movie especially the visual effects and soundtrack. Sidenote: there was a brief preview for Mary Poppins Returns. I totally can’t wait until it comes out later this year!!!! Tuesday evening, Shay and I redeemed my birthday gift certificate at Benihana (Japanese hibachi grill). The birthday offer is pretty neat! You receive a $30 gift certificate and have one month to use it from the actual day of your birthday. It can only be used Mondays thru Thursdays and certain exclusions apply (ex: alcohol). It’s a neat little treat for us.

Ready for the onion choo-choo train!


On Wednesday, Stetson got to take his first solo road trip to Houston without Shelbie. We left first thing and arrived around lunchtime.  In honor of Pi Day, my family and I dined in at Blaze Pizza where all pizzas were $3.14!! I got up-charged for my gluten-free crust (boo!) but it was a great deal nonetheless. The line was huge this year and went out the door! It was so worth the wait though. 

My waistline just expanded by 3.14 inches


Afterwards, we went to HEB because I can’t visit my hometown without going to picking up some goodies. For dinner, Mom and I made a dish that will be posted on Monday!

Jewelry plate- I love a good pun 🙂


Spring dishes! If only I had the cabinet space!


Ready to taste test anytime day or night!


Thursday consisted of lots of fun and sore feet! My parents are big-time walkers so we got up early to walk their daily 4 miles. Afterwards, we decided to walk an additional two miles to Starbucks. Stetson happily traveled the entire distance and enjoyed a puppy whip treat at Starbucks. I deviated from my normal order of a hazelnut soy latte and enjoyed a gingerbread latte with almond milk and no whip. Man it was good! I don’t even care that it’s March and I’m enjoying Christmas season flavors!

I’d do anything for a puppy whip treat! Mommy has created a bad habit!


After getting cleaned up, Mom and I got a pedicure, went to two places to shop, and picked up some cupcakes from a local bakery that has been featured on Cupcake Wars (Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood).

Life is like a box of cupcakes….


That evening, we celebrated my grandparents’ 64th wedding anniversary at an original restaurant called Pappas Delta Blues Smokehouse (branch of the Pappas chain). This restaurant opened several months ago and features BBQ and seafood with Cajun/New Orleans inspired flavors. Their portions are very generous (most of my family ordered catfish and had leftovers) plus there is a separate gluten-free menu.  Seniors also receive a discount! I enjoyed listening to blues music as we dined. 

I’m really bummed that the break is slowly coming to an end but I am thankful for getting to spend time with my family. Looking forward to Good Friday coming up and Easter!

Ready for summer,


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