Tuesday Talk: Background Movies

Tuesday Talk: Background Movies

Hi everyone!

I am linking up with Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk where the possibilities are endless for topic selection! I enjoy reading what other bloggers have to say about their selected topic. 

I want to talk about movies I have on repeat. These are movies that I’ve watched so much that they have become my “background movies” while completing other tasks (ex: cleaning the house, doing laundry). I always know what is happening and what will happen next. Some of these films are on Netflix or probably $5 at Target. Be warned that most of them are chick flicks!

It’s Complicated

I love this movie because it’s Steve Martin and Meryl Streep. The whole “situation” is messy (marriage, infidelity, divorce are covered), raw, and light hearted at some moments. John Krasinski (always Jim from The Office) and Alec Baldwin are also pretty funny in this movie too.


I love black and white films. I love everything about them- the overly dramatic acting, how everyone is dressed up, and the copious amounts of eyeliner used on both male and female actors. Over a year ago, I stumbled upon this movie on Netflix. It is a murder mystery but it’s so much more than that. It’s comprised of unending relational conflicts, socialite drama between characters, and the uncovering of certain character flaws as the movie progresses. Also, there is a character named Shelby!!  I highly recommend this one.

Steel Magnolias

Every southern gal has likely watched this movie while going through an entire box of Kleenex and chocolates. The mother-daughter (daughter named Shelby!!) relationship is highlighted along with the complexities of a chronic medical condition. Above all, this movie is about strong women putting aside personalities and uniting through all seasons that a gal may walk through. If I had to be one of these characters for a day, I’m not sure I could pick. Each of them is lovable in their own special way. These women would be my tribe in real life.

White Christmas/Love Actually/Santa Clause/ The Holiday



I believe all four of these Christmas movies are on Netflix right now. I have many more favorite Christmas movies but these three are high up on the list. Starting in about June, I am listening to Christmas music. Movies shortly follow. White Christmas is a classic that happens to be my grandfather’s favorite. We have a tradition of watching it, Holiday Inn, or Miracle on 34th Street every Christmas. I know all the songs and sometimes wish Stetson was a girl so I could sing the sister song to him and Shelbie.

Love Actually has one of my favorite movie soundtracks. It’s a little bit of everything. It features love at every single angle and extreme you can possibly imagine: childhood crush, work crush, marital conflicts, etc. And all of these love stories happen within a few weeks of Christmas. My favorite characters are the little boy who learns the drums to impress his school crush and the man who learns another language (you’ll find out why!) Love makes us do some crazy neat things….

The Santa Clause is as precious as I remember seeing it for the first time as a young child. Tim Allen’s character takes over the role of Santa Clause since the real guy fell of his roof on Christmas. Of course, nobody except his son believes him which is most of the plot right there. It’s a heartwarming story about seeing vs. believing.

The Holiday is about two ladies in a love crisis who house swap for two weeks around Christmas time. They find a little bit more than they bargained for during their swap and their guards slowly come down as they meet two unexpected strangers. Side note: the sweet old man named Arthur is positively ADORABLE!

Mamma Mia/Dirty Dancing


My college friend MC and I can shout out all of the Mamma Mia lyrics from the rooftops. True story, an instant mood booster is to belt out Dancing Queen while pretending you’re dancing along with local Greek townspeople. Trust me, it works every time. Dirty Dancing is also a favorite because of the soundtrack, choreography, and Baby/Johnny’s relationship.

Saving Mr. Banks

Sadly, Netflix removed this movie from their queue. I’m arguably the world’s biggest Mary Poppins fan. This story dives into P.L. Travers’ life story including the inspiration for Mary Poppins. It also showcases the difficulties Walt Disney encountered while trying to obtain movie rights for her Mary Poppins novel. I love this movie because you gradually peel back the complicated layers and see the walls slowly come down. Tom Hanks also makes a very dapper Walt Disney as well!


So these are just a few movies I have on repeat as they’re easily accessible on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. I also have quite a few television shows that I cycle through but that’s for another day!

I would love to hear what “background movies” you have at home!

Your Favorite Sappy Movie Fan,


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