How We Do Fast Food

How We Do Fast Food

Eating out is a vital part of our culture. Everyone goes to Sonic. Everyone goes out for coffee. Everyone meets up with friends at the local Mexican restaurant. It can be so challenging to eat out when you or your spouse/loved one/child has a food allergy. For Shay and I, we carefully had to figure out how we could still participate while being mindful of our food selections. Overall, a little bit of an open mind and a bit of creativity goes a long way!

So here’s the breakdown of how we eat at our favorite fast food restaurants:

Wendy’s: Shay can eat here without a problem; we just have to specify no ketchup on the burgers. For me, I used to order the “chicken go” wraps but now I will order a couple of side salads (no croutons) and a baked potato with chives. I could also order an entree salad containing fruits and vegetables and give Shay the meat on top!

Whataburger: Shay sometimes will have a burger here but he likes to get the patty melt or chicken tenders meal. I used to order their grilled chicken salads all the time but now I would probably give the chicken to Shay or ask for extra fruit as a substitute on the salad.

Chick-fil-A: Shay will order whatever he wants sans ketchup. Their lemonade is made with real sugar so he likes to order a large drink. I used to select the grilled chicken nuggets and a side of fruit. Now, I order some of the side salads with a large fruit cup or the carrot/raisin salad before sneaking a few swigs of Shay’s lemonade. Yum!

Jason’s DeliJason’s is wonderful because they have separate gluten free and vegetarian menus. They also pride themselves on not using corn syrup in their products. My whole family loves eating here because there are so many options. Shay enjoys many of their sandwiches, including the ranchero wrap. As of lately, he goes through the salad bar with me or orders one of the loaded baked potatoes. I used to order sandwiches on gluten-free buns or the nutty-mixed up salad. Nowadays, I usually will get a salad or order the black-bean corn taco salad without cheese and sour cream.

Chipotle: I honestly don’t know why we haven’t bought stock in Chipotle by now. This is the best place for us with regards to us eating as similarly as possible. Shay will get order a burrito or salad. I order a salad with lots of beans, rice, and veggies. The best part about ordering a vegetarian meal is getting the guacamole for free! I went so long without knowing this. Now I take full advantage of it!

Taco Cabana: It’s a free for-all at Taco C for Shay. I will get black beans, rice, pico de gallo, and guacamole as sides. I mix them together or put them in a corn tortilla at home. If I’m on the go, I’ll ask them to make me a taco with a corn tortilla, rice, and beans.

These are our go-to places. We don’t really order pizza that much but every blue moon, Shay will order Papa John’s. We try our best to stay at one restaurant and avoid going two places. If I’m down on my luck, my dad has taught me that you can always find a chicken salad (or in my case, salad) anywhere. Most places have this or apple slices 🙂

So that’s how we fast food!

Chipotle fan 4 lyfe,


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  • This was really interesting to see how fast food can fit into people’s diets even if they have some restrictions. Chick fil A lemonade is the best!! I’m with Shay an always get a large drink.

    • We’ve had to work at it and tweak it as we go- places are always changing their recipes up! But yes, their lemonade is the absolute best and one of my favorite drinks during summer.

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