What’s Up Wednesday- March 2018

What’s Up Wednesday- March 2018

Hello Wednesday!!

So let’s try this again! Several weeks ago, I mixed up the date for What’s Up Wednesday. Thankfully, I do have new information to share! I’m linking up with Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay

What I’m eating this week…breakfast for dinner, salmon, tostadas, and raid the freezer night! I made these delicious rolls and a loaf of gluten-free bread over the weekend. I’ll be cooking quite a bit for Easter lunch- some desserts, potato salad, broccoli, and those rolls!

What I’m reminiscing about…spring break! It was very refreshing to have a week off and spend time with my family. When you’re out of the house and on your own, visiting home is always nice.

What I’m loving…spring weather and the bountiful supply of produce I purchase from my new favorite store. I’m trying to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season and having nice weather has been a big encourager.

What I’ve been up to… trying to do too many things at once! I sometimes get inspiration to start tasks, especially artistic ones but never quite seem to finish them. Some weeks, I’ll play my piano everyday. Other weeks, I’m writing the whole week. And sometimes, I’m doing lots of research for recipes.

What I’m dreading...the next few weeks at work means crunchtime! I have lots of end of school year things to wrap up.

What I’m working on…that mysterious guest bedroom I keep referring to! I’m also learning to use my camera and have been watching some Youtube video tutorials. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drawn and redrawn the exposure triangle.

What I’m excited about…summer time! I usually do not like hot weather at all which is ironic since I’m in Texas but I really want to try spend more time outdoors. We have a water park a few miles down the road and I’m thinking about getting season passes. This park even has a day where you can take your dogs! I missed it last year but am saving the date for this year. I can already tell you Stetson will LOVE it. Shelbie may think we are trying to bathe her (she hates baths) and try to escape. It will be interesting having my two mongooses floating the lazy river with me…

What I’m watching…I’m continuing to watch Designated Survivor and catching up furiously on This Is Us. I can only take a little bit of This Is Us at a time since each episode is so emotionally loaded. I have also watched a little bit of American Idol when I can. What do y’all think of the new judging panel? I feel they are much more relaxed, positive, and personable. I do miss Simon though!

What I’m reading… blogs, photography articles, whatever shows up in my email. If someone could put together a summer reading list for me, I would be forever thankful!

What I’m listening to… I’ve put the Greatest Showman to rest and have been listening to several compilations on Spotify. I like listening to “Songs of Glory,” “Best Friends,” and “Everyday Inspiration.” I love a good mix of tunes!

What I’m wearing… a lot less layers! The high was 89 the other day! I have been wearing floral tops and even invested in my first pair of white jeans!!! I’m a little scared to wear them.

What I’m doing this weekend…my weekend starts early thanks to Good Friday. I will be shopping for groceries, running errands, cooking for Easter and spending time with family.

What I’m looking forward to next month… I’ll be going to Houston for several family events so I’m excited to see my family. Shelbie also turns two years old…where does time go?! I have no idea how moms deal when their babies start crawling, walking, etc. I would be an emotional trainwreck!

Bonus Question: What is my favorite Easter tradition?...Growing up, my parents did scavenger hunts for Easter morning. My brother and I would wake up to find one egg in our Easter basket (along with some candy). The egg would contain a clue leading us to another part of the house where a gift and another egg with a clue would wait. This was always fun to do before church! I remember participating in egg hunts at church and going out to eat afterwards or eating at a relative’s house. I also remember my grandma having these really big blow-up bunnies that she kept in her house. They were always fun to play with. My parents, brother, grandparents, and I also dyed eggs before Easter using the traditional egg-dyeing kit. I loved using the white “crayons” to write little messages that would show up once you dyed the eggs. Those were the days…

Well that’s all I have for today’s special Wednesday post. I have a fun post I’m doing on Thursday and then Friday Favorites is coming up!!

Show Me Summer!

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  • I really need to start watching This Is Us…Everyone keeps raving about it! I loved having Easter egg hunts before church. My parents once hid eggs for us in a hotel room. 4 kids searching for eggs in a hotel room was quite comical!

    • It’s really good. You get quite emotionally invested in the characters, well at least I do!

      That’s pretty clever to hide eggs in a hotel room! I think my parents have done the same but it was for a birthday scavenger hunt.

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