All Things Food with Mom

All Things Food with Mom

Happy Thursday everyone! As I’ve been increasing the amount of times I post, I’ve been thinking up some fun and engaging themes!

I thought it would be fun to periodically feature a family member/friend and interview them on topics related to food/cooking! First up is my mom! 

Age you began to cook? For little things, it was in high school. I started cooking whole meals during marriage.

Hardest dish you’ve made: I don’t go for really difficult dishes because of time constraints and I don’t want to waste my money if it doesn’t turn out right. I can’t think of anything really hard except for a tiramisu dish I make because you have to soak the ladyfingers. I used to make this dish called “romantic shrimp fettuccine” and it was complicated because it required a lot of chopping vegetables. I haven’t made it in about ten years because it’s also not really healthy. I think I lost my zeal for cooking when I went back to work (Mom stayed at home with us up until high school). I wish I could cook like your grandmother and great-grandmother. Mimi (my great-grandmother) could fry catfish like there was no tomorrow.

The tray that my mom is holding belonged to my great-grandmother. It was her “breading” plate so every piece of meat/fish that she cooked or fried touched this plate. My mom uses it for this purpose as well.

Favorite dishes to make? I like Hungry Man casserole (similar to a sour cream noodle bake), chili….I’m just kind of a boring cook!

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chili or chicken tostadas since they are low fat

Biggest oops in the kitchen? I’ve done things like messing up layers in a casseroles. I’ve also had fudge not turn out right because of the weather. I don’t think I’ve ever made a big boo-boo. I’m pretty conservative on things I’m going to try so they can’t be messed up.

Three things you keep in your pantry, fridge, and freezer: Pantry: soups, beans, canned chili tomatoes. Fridge: cheese, salad stuff, eggs. Freezer: bread, bags of fajita chicken strips, and TV dinners for your dad’s lunches

Cooking tips? Clean up as you go!

Favorite cooks? Mimi, Grand B, you, Mrs. Teresa, Grandmother, Mrs. Kimmie

Favorite desserts? Tiramisu, eclair cake (layered dessert my mom makes)

Favorite appetizers? Stuffed jalapenos and Hanky Pankies (cheesy sausage on rye squares) which are both Mrs. Teresa’s recipes

Favorite fast food restaurants? Rosa’s Cafe, James Coney Island

Favorite restaurants? Gringo’s, any Mexican place (she enjoys several mom and pop places in Houston), Maggiano’s

It’s so interesting to hear stories related to cooking because everyone has a different experience with it. I’m hoping to interview more family members/friends in the months ahead! My dad is next and he’s got some funnies!

I sign off today with a picture of my parents’ dogs: Libby and Kricket. They are the cutest!!

Going to Stuff My Gut,

6 thoughts on “All Things Food with Mom”

  • I’m with your mom on cleaning up as you go. Makes such a difference! Also it’s so cool the breading plate has been passed down. That’s such a touching family heirloom.

    • I’m trying to learn from her!!! Everything gets piled into the kitchen sink until later haha

      Thank you! It is a very special dish and memory of my great grandma.

  • Your mom is a really good cook but, I understand about the time constraint. When I worked, it was so hard to do a well planned meal every night.

  • I remember one day I came over to your house, Andrew mom and Cheryl were making a Cobb salad. She made HUGE Cobb salads!!!

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