Top 10 Gluten Free Snacks

Top 10 Gluten Free Snacks

Hi everyone!

So one would think that after eating delicious food at Easter that I would be NOT be posting about snacks, treats, etc. Whoops!

I’m sharing my top ten gluten-free snacks/treats! I am well aware that not all of these are vegan. These are all special treats (except for the Larabars and pretzels) I enjoy sparingly         Larabars are my longtime favorite mid morning breakfast snack/road trip snack/I need something sweet besides candy snack. I currently have two cases in my freezer because I found them on sale at Town Talk (like super dirt cheap). I love the Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chip flavor but also love the fall, lemon, and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors.

I love this black-bean hummus with corn relish. I mostly snack on it with GF pretzels and sometimes Fritos/tortilla chips. The first time I tried this dip, my mouth was on FIRE!!! Yet I kept coming back for more.Eat it sparingly, your tummy will thank you later.

I’ve never been big on eating nuts by themselves but these were game changers! These nut clusters are so tasty! They have a little bit of sweetness to them which is why I really enjoy them. These are also one of my Dad’s favorite snacks as well.


I lose all sense of self-control when I open a bag of these crackers. They are so good but I have to limit my intake since milk is an ingredient in the crackers. I usually have them with hummus

Oh my….once I pop, I can’t stop with these cookies. I love any package of Tate’s gluten-free cookies but their ginger cookies are out of this world. The cookies are filled with tiny ginger pieces and it feels like Christmas with every bite. So simply amazing!

These are my go-to pretzels. You would never know they are gluten-free by the taste. I have caught Shay on multiple occasions raiding my pretzels bags! Most grocery stores carry these so I don’t have to go to some specialty store to find them.

This guacamole is a little pricey in most stores I shop at but it’s come in handy when I need to do lunch on the go. I’ll literally buy a bag of chips and some of this guacamole. It’s nothing in comparison to homemade guacamole but it serves its purpose and satisfies my craving!

This is another favorite granola bar of mine. While I really enjoy these bars, they are a bit hard to chew (jaw starts to hurt) so I have to take small bites and eat slowly. However, that doesn’t deter me to enjoy one as a snack!


I’m somewhat of a chip junkie and really try to limit myself on potato chips. These chips are so hard to stay away from! They are so good!

While in college, Shay and I would make special trips to Walmart just to buy cookie dough and some milk. Once I figured out my digestive issues were related to gluten, this special tradition was put on hold for me. Once I discovered this brand, I was back in the game! So delicious and again, you can’t tell they’re gluten free!!

So that’s about it!! Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite GF treats!

Off to bake cookies,

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Gluten Free Snacks”

  • That version of Kind bars are a little hard to chew after a bit but they are tasty. I love hummus and I love black beans so I’m definitely going to check out that hummus! Plus it makes me really excited that it’s spicy – give me all the spice!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who has chewing problems! The hummus is really good! I also hear Sabra has a taco flavored hummus at Target so I need to try that one too.

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