All Things Food with Dad

All Things Food with Dad

Happy Thursday everyone! As I’ve been increasing the amount I post, I’ve been thinking up some fun and engaging themes!

I thought it would be fun to periodically feature a family member/friend and interview them on topics related to food/cooking! Last month, I interviewed my mom. This month, I’m asking my dad similar questions.

Age you began to cook? Probably in about 2020….I can make smiley toast with butter. The first thing I actually remember cooking is a hot dog wiener. I could stick a fork in a wiener and roast it over a gas stove. We didn’t have hot dog buns (as a young child) but I would put it on a piece of white bread. I could always pour cereal into a bowl. I did watch my dad grill. I never really participated but he would let me “paint” the barbecue sauce on the meat we were cooking. I’ve never been formally trained in cooking. I was really young, my folks had this little chopper and then had me chop up onions and pickles for tartar sauce. My dad would sit back and laugh when I started crying because of the onions. My dad liked to pull pranks on people. One time my dad made me a strawberry shortcake but instead of putting whipped cream on it, he put sour cream on it!

Hardest dish you’ve made: I burned cookies once. I think one time I made some hot cocoa for your mom and misjudged the ingredients. I know it how to make it now. Don’t sub dark cocoa for regular cocoa.

Favorite dishes to make? Oatmeal in the microwave with sliced berries (see picture)

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? That would be boring…I guess I had a nutty mixed up salad today at Jason’s Deli and that was good. Something with a little bit of everything in there- chicken, nuts, cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette, lettuce.

Biggest oops in the kitchen? I’ve burned cookies.  I was going to make breakfast in bed for your mom when we were newlyweds and I was going to make an omelet. I started out with a piece of cheese in the skillet. It got your mom out of bed because it was burning and smelled bad. I once also put brussel sprouts in the microwave and blew them up.

Three things you keep in your pantry, fridge, and freezer: Pantry: oatmeal, PAM spray, and bags of nuts from Costco. Fridge: fruit juice, egg beaters, and canadian bacon, and also berries. Freezer: TV dinners for work, extra canadian bacon for later, and that’s pretty much all I can claim…maybe chips?

Cooking tips? Only do it if you know what you’re doing

Favorite cooks? My grandmother (my dad’s grandmother, Polly)

Favorite desserts? Banana nut cake or banana pudding. My mom would make really good banana pudding.

Favorite appetizers? I’m not much into appetizers. I’d rather eat!

Favorite fast food restaurants? Before I was limited to my diet, I liked anything. I now like ordering the apple-cranberry chicken salad at Whataburger. I like the salads at Jason’s too.

Favorite restaurants? Maggiano’s because I like Italian food. Benihana is good too.

So that’s all about my dad! Dad typically doesn’t really cook but he makes breakfast for himself every morning and makes toast and sometimes hot chocolate for my mom. He is able to grill and does a good job as well. Thanks for tuning in for my interview with my dad!

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