Friday Favorites 04.27.2018

Friday Favorites 04.27.2018

Hi everyone!

It’s Friday so that means I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci,  and Erika.

I thought I would share a few highlights from my weekend!! My brother and I traveled to Houston on Friday evening along with three dogs (his two dogs and Stetson). Shelbie stayed behind with Shay’s parents this time.

Saturday morning consisted of the usual “Shannon in town” outings. Mom and I visited the new Ross in her neighborhood and went to good old HEB for guacamole and other treats. Afterwards, we took my grandparents to Costco. Grand B and Grand T love the $1.50 hot dog and drink deal. I had a fruit smoothie. I found this tent and for some reason really wanted to buy it! Our tent is in less than ideal condition. Wouldn’t it be awesome to stand up in your tent!!

After Costco, we ran by the Dollar Tree for a few items. Oh my goodness. They had some really cute scarves and flip flops! Summer decorations were also in stock and now I really want to have a backyard BBQ!


Rest was in order after our shopping trip before heading to my grandparents’ home for dinner. They are finally back in their home after Hurricane Harvey and were excited to show off some of their new decor!

While Mom, Grand B, and I worked on dinner, we snacked on popcorn! Grand B always has this container full of freshly popped popcorn.

Along with my popcorn, I had some cherry juice! This is my cup when I go to their house!

I couldn’t tell you when I purchased this for Grand B. It still hangs above her pantry closet door! We have definitely had lots of hugs, cookies, and spoiling!

Dinner still was not quite ready so we dyed Easter eggs. We were unable to travel to Houston on the actual day so the egg dyeing tradition occurred a little bit late. Easter can’t share a holiday with April Fool’s Day anyway…

Grand T prides himself on always making a “psychedelic” egg which means dipping the egg in every color. It looked like a regular old egg!!

Dinner is served! We had shrimp tacos, rice, and beans. Tortilla soup was also served as a side dish! 

Sunday, we attended church, drove across town to drop the dogs off at Doggie Day Camp, and had a lunch/birthday celebration with cousins and close family members. It was a great afternoon of fun and fellowship. The campers were pooped after four hours of hard play and slept the entire journey back to DFW. 

I tried out a few snacks as we drove. Larabars has a limited edition flavor out. Seriously so good!

Costco was sampling a savory red pepper hummus on Saturday but I could not find the brand at Target (Pita Pal) when we purchased snacks. Sabra had it and whoa Nelly! Never thought I would like red pepper hummus but guys, it was seriously the best flavor ever!!

Stetson and I hit the hay shortly after arriving back at home. Road trips will do that to you but it’s worth it to see loved ones!

I wanted to leave you all with a video that my brother shared with me. It is HILARIOUS!! Crosswalk the Musical is a special series on The Late Late Show with James Corden. If you’re a musical lover or just love obnoxious behaviors, you’ll appreciate this!!! He has also done a Greatest Showman version as well!

Forever a homebody,

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