TOMS For Days

TOMS For Days

Hi everyone!

I’m attempting my first “fashion” post all about shoes!!

TOMS are one of my favorite shoe brands. I love brands that give back, especially to children in need. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will provide a child in need with a pair of shoes.

TOMS Warehouse Sale

For the past two years, my sister-in-love, Courtney and I have visited in the TOMS Warehouse Sale in Dallas. Last year, my friend Bethany also joined in on the action and it was such a fun time! Once a year in select locations around the US, there is a 3-4 day sale in which you sort through tons of boxes filled to the brim of various TOMS styles. Best of all, they are sold at discounted prices. Ladies wedges are typically $35 (regularly priced around $70-80) while flats run about $28. Men and children’s shoes are also sold so there is something for everyone! I’m anxiously awaiting for the new warehouse sale days to be released. For us, the sale has occured during the summer. Usually, the TOMS website has some information but I usually find out through their Facebook page. 

I thought I would share some of my finds over the past two years. Many of these may be discontinued patterns, however the styles appear to be consistent. It’s quite the thrill of a hunt because you really don’t know what you will find AND you only get one hour to shop!! 

Good for the Soles 

TOMS wedges are arguably the most comfortable dressy shoes I own. I cannot wear heels whatsoever. I trip, I fall, I twist ankles. I’m a clumsy fool. When I do fall, I do so in the most tragic and embarrassing way. Wedges have prevented this from occurring on a regular basis. TOMS wedges are dressy enough for special occasions, weddings, church, etc. Plus, they are just so FUN!

Hopefully, you did not see one strap that looked a bit off. Stetson snuck into my closet one fine morning and decided to “snack” on one of the straps. I’m trying to figure out a clever way to piece it back together without it being totally obvious. I also tried to discreetly position one of the pink flats (above pic) since Shelbie had her way with part of the heel…

Confession: without knowing it, you got a sneak peek of the guest bedroom! I think the carpet and wall color looks great if I do say so myself! I’m literally just now in the decorating phase which is the best part.

TOMS for the win,

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