Friday Favorites 05.04.2018

Friday Favorites 05.04.2018

Oh y’all…I’m so glad it’s Friday. I feel I’ve literally crawled my way here.

Today’s Friday post is literally going to the dogs. Shelbie and Stetson would like to share some of their favorites with you! I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea


Back in February, Shay and I began purchasing their dog food in bulk through Amazon. Every two months, 5 huge packages are delivered to our front porch. You would be shocked how much they go through each month. Since we are locked in on the price every two months (and have it auto-filled), I don’t have to worry about finding a Petsmart coupon. We love Nature’s Recipe!



Shay’s parents first bought this dog bed several years back. We noticed Shelbie needed a designated spot to sit so she knows it’s exclusively hers. Costco sold us her bed and it’s an orthopedic bed! Great for the joints 🙂  Shelbie received her “bed” on the day she was spayed because mom and dad could not bear to see their baby girl in pain! Shelbie continually sleeps on it and on a rare occasion, we catch both dogs lounging on it. The bed goes with us to Houston as well so they ride comfortably and have a place to rest at my parent’s house. These pictures crack me up. How much more of a diva can Shelbie be?? 



Shelbie and Stetson are always looking for things to chew on. We would go through packs of rawhides so quickly that I needed a better and more affordable option. Costco sells these rawkids in packs of about 15 and they are good-sized too! It’s about $17 for the bag which is a deal!! Sam’s Club sells these bones as well. They also enjoy these beef sausage links from Trader Joe’s which are broken up into very small pieces. 

Though Stetson and Shelbie will settle for a Cheerio as a snack, they love their milk bones even more! These cost us around $12 per box and last several months since we use them sparingly. We used to also purchase these bully sticks in bulk. These are now treats for special occasions since they are expensive.


Everyday when I get home from work, Stetson is ready to play fetch/kickball. Kong is the manufacturer for this ball but I could not find it on Petsmart’s website. I did find a similar one here. The ball used to contain a rope but Stetson already took care of that! This is a strong ball and hasn’t deflated due to Stetson’s sharp chompers

Simplicity has been the way to go when we can’t make it out to the store. The most practical toy for Shelbie and Stetson consists of tying up 5 or more old socks together. Those dogs eat this up and play tug of war. I keep a bag full of socks who lost their mate in the dryer and every once in a while, I’ll turn them into sock toys. It’s like totally new to them! Sneaky mommy 🙂

Over the past two summers, we have purchased a little kiddie pool at Walmart for like $7 and fill it up with water. Shelbie tends to use it more as a water bowl rather than a pool or a place to cool off. She loathes baths and thinks you’re about to whip out the shampoo bottle an hose. I’m thinking Stetson will have fun with it if we purchase another one this summer! I came across this Instagram picture I took when we first purchased a pool. Clearly, she needed some encouragement!

They saved the best for last 🙂 Oh the dog park. Our dogs LIVE and BREATHE for the dog park which is the social highlight of their day. We are fortunate enough to live several miles from our dog park. It’s divided into two sections for smaller and larger dogs. Both sides feature a large enclosed area so I can walk around the parameter (gotta get those steps in) while the dogs run around. There are benches, water fountains for your dogs, and several trees/shaded areas so it is not completely unbearable during the summer.

That’s a handful of favorites from Shelbie and Stetson!!!

May the Fourth Be With You,


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 05.04.2018”

  • I can definitely envision us using the bulk order on Amazon for dog food once Bailey is a bit bigger! Thanks for sharing so I have a heads up that we can do that and save a couple dollars in the process.

    • They’re about a year or more apart. We don’t really know Stetson’s age since he was a stray so this is a total guess! He still acts quite young 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Lizzie!

  • HAPPY FRIDAY! Loved these favorites of your dogs 🙂 We too have an Amazon subscription for dog food, it is awesome. Those pictures on the “throne” are too funny & cute!

  • They are so cute and I love that he is ready to play with you as soon as you get home. Our dog loves rawhide too but we most recently caught him trying to bury it in our couch! I hope you have a great weekend!! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

    • Thank you! I have a funny picture of Shelbie burying one of her rawhides in the couch. She’s a sneaky one.

  • Oh, I LOVE a “all about the dogs” post! I’m so glad it’s Friday, and I think this will be the first weekend w/o family events, my volunteer work… just humans, and the WEEDS! Your dogs look wonderful! I want to hug them – but I’m on the West Coast.

    Wanted to give you an alert – if you didn’t already hear about it – Canine Influenza Virus (CIV). It’s going around the nation. There is a vaccine available – taken in 2 stages – check with your vet. Needed for dogs who are boarded, play with other dogs, dog parks, etc. It’s contagious between dogs. It can be deadly. Please check into this for your dogs’ health. Also, watch out for foxtails – it’s blooming season – and they are NASTY when they invade the dog body!

    Sorry for the long comment!

  • Oh wow I’ve never thought about a play pool for Humphrey – he would go wild! And it would be a great way to bath him after a muddy walk or the beach – such a great idea! We order in bulk too – I always get excited when a slip gets put through the door that we’ve missed a delivery and then let down when I realise I’ve forgotten it was dog food. Have you tried yours on hooves to chew? They last for ages, you can stuff them with treats, they cost nothing but they SMELL, you slip over them and they make your house look foul. Having three pets though we gave up caring about that ages ago! Joanne x

    • I haven’t tried hooves! I’ll check that out! They would love getting treats out of them! Thanks Joanne!

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