Top 10 Royal Trivia Facts

Top 10 Royal Trivia Facts

The Royal Wedding is THIS WEEK everyone!!!!! I likely will be getting up at the crack of dawn to view the wedding because it’s ALL ABOUT THE DRESS! Of course, the nuptials are important too 🙂

In honor of the wedding, I thought I would scrounge up the most random Royal trivia facts I could find on the Internet. Some of these I knew but a few were very surprising to me! This post could not be made possible without the help of my dear friend, Lisa.

Here are my top 10 interesting facts:

1. The Queen wears one of my favorite nail polishes (Essie’s Ballet Slippers)….but she’s been wearing it since before I was born.

2. The Royals always travel with black clothing just in case of a sudden death/funeral. It makes sense to me so they can public acknowledge being in mourning.

3. While the Queen is said to like her sweets, Princess Diana also had her favorite foods. I found an article with a list of her favorite foods along with the recipes. Tomato mousse anyone??

4. History repeats itself…. Camilla’s and Charles’ great grands were lovers apparently. I’m gonna leave that one there.

5. The stuck-out pinky while enjoying tea is supposedly a myth. However, I still indulge in this “myth” so I can feel fancy.

6. While once having tea with Her Royal Majesty, President Eisenhower enjoyed the scones so much that he requested her recipe. And the Queen sent it to him! Not emailed obviously but perhaps via carrier pigeon over the pond!

7. Way before blogging was popular (and made available due to technology), Queen Victoria journaled at least 2500 words daily. By the time she passed, she had written 122 volumes!

8. Queen Elizabeth I supposedly owned up to 2,000 pairs of gloves. Where would one even keep 2,000 pairs of gloves?

9. Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother loved her jewels…maybe a bit too much. She supposedly would go to great lengths (including some illegal) to obtain jewels and other nice things.

10. Prince William had a major teenage crush on Cindy Crawford so his mum, Princess Diana did what any normal mum would do and invited her to the palace for tea! I would have loved to been apart of that conversation!

So there we have it! Hopefully, there is a fact on here that you didn’t already know!

Keep Calm and Remember to Wake Up before 6 AM (CST) to Watch the Wedding,

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Royal Trivia Facts”

  • I had no idea there was a cookbook with some royal recipes in it. Definitely going to check that article out!

    Also I believe the black clothing part was put in place after Queen Elizabeth II’s father passed while she was traveling in Africa. In The Crown on Netflix, when the plane landed back in London someone from the palace had to quickly get on the plane with black clothes for the Queen and Price Phillip.

    • Come to think of it, I think I remember the Crown mentioning this. Can season 3 be here already?!!! Season 2 only lasted me a weekend LOL

  • Great post! I didn’t know 70% of these! I’d ilike to think the Queen makes a lady gaga style dress from all those gloves – a kind of upmarket version of the slabs of meat. I DID know about the pinky though – that is considered a bit declasse (oh the joys of British snobiness! :)). Love Prince William and his childhood crushes – there was also a rumour he had a Britney poster on his wall at Eton but I’d rather think Cindy Crawford is more believable (I would hope so). Didn’t realise the black clothing thing – I am going to look out for that now! Love the nail polish thing . Did you know that the Queen, Prince Philip and Chalres are all huge beleivers in homeopathy and natural medicine? I like to think that is why they have lived such long and healthy lives. Another good one you probably know is that everyone who reaches 100 gets a letter from the Queen and everyone who celebrates a Golden Wedding. I am looking forward to the wedding too. Apparently Megan’s Dad is now not going – oh the drama! I wonder if George will give the ‘vs’ at the camera again – I love it when the little ones misbehave!

    • Thanks Joanne- I was hoping you would see this and of course have some insight!! I didn’t know that about the letters and the natural medicine beliefs- that is really neat! I have heard about the drama surrounding Meghan’s family, unfortunately. Hopefully all will go as planned and they will have a fairy tale wedding that goes over smoothly! Also, I can TOTALLY picture a Gaga dress with all those gloves! that would be pretty wild!

  • This was a great post! I didn’t know any of these facts. My DVR is already set to tape Saturday’s festivities. I wanted to have friends over for a brunch but my, that is early to entertain. My husband and kids may not like me having a party at 6 am.

    • Thank you! I’m planning to watch it super quietly so no one will hear me. If it’s too quiet, I may fall back asleep but I’m sure there will be highlights of it for days 🙂

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