Girl Chat: A Day in Shan’s Life

Girl Chat: A Day in Shan’s Life

Hi all, I’m linking up for some girl chat with Danielle, Emily, Lindsay, Sierra, and Lizzie! I’m especially excited about this post because these are my favorite entries to read for others. It’s so fascinating to know how other ladies fill their day. I feel really creepy reading up on these posts but it’s inspired me to try to be as productive as possible! Here goes my day one week ago!

5:45 AM

Rise and Shine! I typically get up between 5:45 and 6:15 AM depending on what time I went to bed the night before. My body is most functional when I have a solid 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Upon awakening, I spend a few minutes on my phone so I can fully wake up. I read my Bible app’s verse of the day and quickly skim through a few blogs. As usual, Stetson was sleeping in our bed so as soon as I hopped up, he was ready to get up for the day. I let him outside and passed Shelbie who is still out cold on her “throne.” Stetson goes outside and we snuggle for a few minutes while I selected a Youtube workout.

6:00 AM


Started out on my cardio/toning Pilates workout while both dogs continue to sleep. PopSugar Fitness made me break into a serious sweat and 45 minutes later, I am a hot stinky mess!

7:00 AM


Rehydrating begins as I tackle several morning activities at once. While I cool off, I shake Shelbie awake so she can potty, pack my lunch, feed the dogs, and eat some Cheerios and raisins. After a workout, I’m usually hungry but not starving. While the dogs eat, I raced into the shower and sprayed a ton of dry shampoo into my hair. I get dressed, apply makeup, make a cup of tea, and say goodbye to my crew (ALL are in bed!) before heading out the door at 7:25 AM. Normally, I would spend a little more time doing dishes, putting on a load of clothes, or working on my blog but I had to be at work early to prepare for a meeting.

7:40 AM

Traffic is merciful to me and I arrive at 7:40. Immediately, I kick it into high gear and begin working while eating my Larabar.

8:00 AM

Meeting time! The meeting lasted about half an hour and I chatted with staff afterwards regarding upcoming events. For confidentiality reasons, I can’t really disclose many details about my work day and share pictures. Therefore, most of my work descriptions will be vague .

9:00-11:30 AM

The first part of my morning is very busy with emails, paperwork, another meeting, and conversations with staff. I listened to a podcast or two for a little “background” noise.

11:45 AM-2:00 PM

I heat up my lunch and eat while continuing to work. One thing I try to do everyday is take a few minutes to look at videos of the dogs because it keeps me grounded. Plus they’re just so stinkin’ cute! Afterwards, I’m full speed ahead at work.

2:00 PM-4:00 PM

I leave one of my work locations, run home and let the dogs outside, and then hightail it back to my main office. Upon returning, I continue to do paperwork, consult with several staff members, and try to mentally prepare for the following day.

4:00- 4:45 PM

Off for the day! Per tradition, I call my mom during my short commute home. At home, I am met by two happy pups and enjoy a few minutes of fresh air while playing fetch with Stetson. It isn’t long before both dogs inform me (yes, they “talk”) that it’s time for the park or a walk. Walking seems to be the winner today so I leash up the dogs and we head out. Man was it warm! We walked about 30 minutes total because it’s HOT!

5:00 PM

After cooling off, I unload the dishwasher before tackling the dishes from the night before. I sort a bunch of laundry and stick a load in the wash. Then, I grab my laptop and plop down on the futon. To my delight, I discover The Wizard of Oz is on Amazon Prime for instant streaming! I begin to work more on paperwork for tomorrow while snuggling with Stetson on the futon.

Fun Fact: I was actually Glenda as part of my college homecoming parade one year! My parents helped make my costume, including the crown! Isn’t it impressive?! I also played the role of the Scarecrow when I danced in elementary school.

6:00 PM- 7:00 PM

Stetson is asleep at my feet and Shelbie is passed out on our bed while I work. Somewhere during this time period, I switched the laundry over, grab a bite for dinner, and fed the dogs. Stetson and Shelbie eat and then begin to play tug of war with one another. Then Shelbie decides she needs some love 🙂 Shay comes home around 7 and those three go outside and chill for a while. I take a break from work and start writing up my day thus far.

7:30 PM

Still in my stinky clothes working and remembering to switch the laundry over. The Wizard of Oz is over so I must find another “background” show. Given the amount of tasks I plan to achieve, Gone With the Wind unanimously wins. Before I get too engrossed in the movie, I chat with Shay about the days events and then decide on a shower.

8:00-10:30 PM


After showering, I work more on the laundry while Scarlett O’Hara shamelessly carries on about Ashley Wilkes on the TV and then I write for the blog. I discreetly pack for my trip to Houston for the next day. If the dogs see me packing, they become very excited. Thankfully, they were outside so I could pack quite a bit. I finish packing and then get into bed. My brother and I have been playfully this game on the app called “Fight List” so I play a game before calling it a night. I usually go to bed between 9:30-10:00 but I needed to pack.

Thanks for joining me on this day! By no means was this a glamorous day but this is pretty much an average work day 🙂

Forever a Homebody,

12 thoughts on “Girl Chat: A Day in Shan’s Life”

  • I loved reading this! Thank you so much for linking up with us 🙂 I love that you workout in the morning. I wish that was something I could get myself out of bed to do but I am so not a morning person. I also love that you watch videos of the dogs. The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie! I love that you were Glinda! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    • Oh goodness well there are days where working out just does not happen! I have had to work on this and sometimes that means sleeping in work out clothes!

      The Wizard of Oz is simply the best- lots of feels, wonderful music, and amazing costumes/make-up/effects

  • I love reading about your day. I haven’t seen Wizard of Oz in forever. Love that double leash you have for your pups. Thanks for sharing your day!

    • I hadn’t seen it in a while too so it was a pleasant surprise! The double leash has been a life saver for us. The dogs are more tired after their walks because they have to be “in sync” with one another!

    • Amen! I wish I could get up early like you- then I could have more time to get things done around the house!

  • Hi Shannon – I LOVE a “day in the life” post! Honestly, I’m nosy… I want to see/read how others manage time/tasks/work… Girl, you packed a lot of things into this day! I don’t have a blog, but maybe one day I’ll write something for myself and see how insane I am. Right now my dog has a back injury (hopefully only a strained muscle – we saw the vet yesterday) so keeping a 3 year old pit bull under restraint in a 2 story house will be interesting. Would you please say a prayer/think positive thoughts for us… Thanks!

    • I am nosy too!
      I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet dog. Definitely will be praying for him and hope he is on the mend soon!

  • Loved reading this!! We have a similar start to our days! I love working out first thing because then I never have to worry about fitting it in later on (because I never want to haha)

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