Friday Favorites 05.18.2018

Friday Favorites 05.18.2018

Congrats everyone! You’ve made it through another work week!

Annnndddd the Royal Wedding is tomorrow morning!!!! Set your alarm! The wedding begins at 12:00 pm London Time.

I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites and am sharing my Mother’s Day weekend highlights.

Friday afternoon, I get home from work and hear a LOUD rattling sound coming from the AC. I quickly shut everything off and phone Shay. Bad news: our AC guy couldn’t come until Monday. Thankfully, Shay would be at his family’s lake home with the dogs and I would be in Houston.

Shay and I battled traffic to drop me off at the bus stop. We made it within a minute to spare! Whenever I drive alone, I tend to take the Megabus as it transports me directly to Houston (with a brief stop in Dallas). Comfortability is not the greatest unless you pay extra for a reserved seat. Driving is not my favorite activity so I use my bus ride to catch a little nap, listen to some podcasts, and write in my planner. The ride usually takes about 5 hours in total but due to construction (on a Friday night nonetheless), we were delayed and arrived super later. I soon forgot about the delay once I saw my parents and their dogs, Libby and Kricket. I think I finally made it in the bed around midnight.

Woke up Saturday morning to a full itinerary: Ross, the new TJ Maxx, nail place, and HEB. Since I was not expecting to get a pedicure, I had no proper footwear. Ross saved the day and I ended up purchasing a pair of pretty sandals for about $14. I have worn them to work this week and have received quite a few compliments.

At TJ Maxx, I found a present for my brother’s upcoming birthday and purchased one of their reusable bags (they’re so durable and only 99 cents!). There was a wait at the nail place so we went next door to HEB.

Holy moly! HEB went all out for Mother’s Day! Mountains of flower arrangements, oversized balloons, and made to order chocolate dipped strawberries greeted us near the entrance. Mom and I each sampled a chocolate covered strawberry and some of their organic chocolate truffles. So delicious! We were not able to finish our shopping as we were paged by the nail place.

All the love for the moms!

This nail place- wow! I was impressed by how many chairs there were. Service was phenomenal and the staff were very friendly. I finished my pedicure before Mom finished her manicure so I quickly darted back to HEB to get something for Mom. Once Mom was done, we went back to HEB to purchase the cold items on our list. That makes 3 HEB trips so far 🙂

Ross saves the day!! Nail Polish is OPI’s “I’m Gown for Anything”

After shopping, we were in need of some lunch. Mod Pizza near HEB sounded good so we ordered some pizzas to go. My pizza was gluten-free, full of veggies, and had dairy-free cheese. Delicious!

Mamma Mia was this a delicious pizza!

After lunch, we chilled at the house and watched home videos until my grandparents arrived. Home videos are a guilty pleasure of mine when I come home and I’m thankful my parents documented many childhood moments. We had early dinner plans but since my grandparents were full from a birthday party they attended, we chose another restaurant, Maggiano’s. I was not super hungry so I had a salad but everyone else’s dishes looked incredible. While dining, we spotted a couple of prom-goers with their dates in the restaurant. They were so adorable with their special prom menus and napkins placed over their suits/dresses. After Maggiano’s, Mom and I went to Charming Charlie to redeem some coupons. The face for my favorite pink watch shattered so I purchased a new one. Mom also convinced me to purchase this shirt and I did! Charming Charlie is revamping their website so unfortunately I couldn’t find a link. Boo 🙁

A little wrinkly but it’s such a comfy shirt!

After Charming Charlie, we all went to Hobby Lobby to look at some frames and then headed home for the evening. Grand T found a memory from his childhood: vanilla drop candies! He happily purchased a bag to take home with him. At home, we watched a few home videos before Grand B and Grand T headed home for the evening. Soon afterwards, I crashed.

Sunday morning, we all attended church and Bible class. To avoid all of the crowds, we opted to have lunch at home. On the menu, we had smoked sausages (salmon for me and Dad), pasta salad, green salad, creole beans, and chocolate silk pie. Very filling! Mom and Grand B opened up their Mother’s Day gifts. I purchased Mom an outfit from Cato (top, necklace, and shoes) and Grand B received a gift certificate to the nail salon we visited (she went for a visit a few days later!)

Quite the spread!

Before Grand B and T left, Grand B presented me with a bag full of individual bags of popped popcorn. She’s always thinking of me! Afterwards, we all dozed on the couch while the Astros played in the background. Mom and I also made one last trip to HEB to purchase some bleach due to a casualty or two on the white pants…. Told y’all it was bound to happen 🙁

Go ‘Stros!
Kisses from Kricket

Departure time for the bus was at 5:30 so my parents dropped me off. The ride itself was quite interesting… story for another time. Shay, Shelbie, and Stetson picked me up in Grand Prairie around 10:00 and we went to his parents’ home to spend the night since the AC was still out. I crawled in the bed at midnight utterly pooped!

Part of my dinner on the bus, complete with a Wet Wipe! Thanks Grand B 🙂

For the Love of Harry and Meghan!

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  • It’s so nice that you have the bus option! I need to look into Megabus. I love the sandals and nail color. Hope your AC is working again! its been 90 in Ky and school AC was not working at beginning of week. Happy Friday!

    • Some bus experiences have certainly felt like that!

      Thank you! I have enjoyed wearing them with a lot of different outfits this week.

    • Thank you! I love wearing it!

      Isn’t it though?! But the wipes are so helpful because my hands get so greasy 😛

  • Sounds like you had a great weekend… your grand B was so clever to add a wet wipe to the popcorn snack. Cherish your time with your patients and grandparents. I never knew my grandfathers – they passed before I was born- and we had a language barrier w the grandmothers. My parents are in their 80s so I want to keep nurturing our relationship. I don’t know if I can be up at 4 am for The Wedding – I am on West Coast. Happy weekend!

    • Thank you Judy!!!!

      I plan to post the pasta salad recipe- still working out a few of the ingredients for my version of the recipe. It’s definitely on the list

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