Friday Favorites 05.25.18

Friday Favorites 05.25.18

Happy Friday everyone! Most of us have a three day weekend coming up which is exciting!

I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to talk about my favorites from the week and also past weekend.

Last Friday, Shay and I drove to Dallas following work to celebrate my brother’s birthday early. We had a fun time at his pool party and enjoyed refreshments along with his birthday dessert that I posted Monday: Killer Bars.

Evan got a poop emoji pool float as a gift. Shay and I found it amusing!
Birthday boy chilling on his pile of doody 😛

Saturday morning, I woke up super early to watch Meghan marry Harry with a cup of tea in hand. Here are my thoughts (sorry for the poor quality in pics!):

Yes, her gown was simple but oh well! I thought it was nonetheless lovely with the veil and tiara and there are many brides who have opted for a similar style of gown. In fact, one of my favorite movie gowns is Maria von Trapp’s from The Sound of Music. 

I want to meet her mom so badly! Imagine traveling halfway across the world and being the only family member in attendance for your daughter’s wedding. And then having to sit alone! She radiated strength that’s for sure.

This little pageboy was such a cutie! His expression when the trumpeters announced Meghan’s arrival was priceless!

Totally obsessed with the processional song: Eternal Source of Light Divine by Handel. The soloist and trumpeter were exceptional. I felt this was a perfect song and the chemistry between Harry and Meghan was so adamant and apparent. Also, major brownie points for Prince Charles! He seemed so sweet to Meghan and her mom!

My favorite…The Preacher!!! Loved the message during the ceremony. I hope he has some podcasts available for listening because he is one dynamite speaker! I also enjoyed the music and cellist. 

After watching the ceremony, I promptly returned to bed and slept about an hour until it was time to go to Town Talk. Shay accompanied me on this trip and we left with some produce. Afterwards, we went home and I immediately began to work on reports and blog posts intermittently for most of the day while watching Mamma Mia, part of Phantom of the Opera, and multiple episodes of the Office.

This part at the end always makes me laugh

At one point during the late afternoon, I left to go check on my friend’s cat and to pick up tater tots and poppers at Sonic. Shay grilled some burgers for himself and I decided some tater tots were in order for me 🙂

I continued to push through with writing until the evening hours until my brain could not process another thought.

Sunday, I woke up to the pouring sound of rain very tired but I did make it to the early morning church service. Normally, I would have taught Bible class but today was a special volunteer appreciation day at church. Holy moly! Did I feel appreciated and a half! Our Family Life Center was transformed into a circus. Breakfast and snacks were provided and included chicken/waffles, fruit, donut holes, popcorn, nuts, and cotton candy. Carnival games were also there and special gifts were also provided. I selected this super comfortable long-sleeved track jacket. How sweet of our church to celebrate us!


After church, I ran by the grocery store and Taco Cabana for lunch. After lunch, I totally crashed on the futon with husband and dogs in tow. My nap lasted about an hour and then I proceeded to write more for work. 

Around 6:30, Shay and I went to go see the new Avengers movie. Unfortunately, I did fall asleep for about 30 minutes but in my defense, I had been writing reports all day and the movie was a good 2 hours and 40 minutes.

This week, I’ve been busy with work and chores/dog walks/dog park trips/relaxing in the evening.  The kids are out of school in less than one week and it’s crunch time for us!

Since I’ll be out of town this weekend, I likely will not be posting Monday but I’ll be back Tuesday!

Happy Memorial Weekend!

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 05.25.18”

  • I loved your wedding commentary – your reflections were pretty parallel with mine. I think I only really appreciated the Rev Currie’s peach after I really let it sink in. Loved the fact he quoted from MLK and really told it how it was. Also loved the fact the ceremony was so multi-cultural – Meghan is just what we need x Have a lovely week-end commemorating the veterans who fought for all of us – I will always really appreciate what your Grand-dads did for us all in Europe! Many of us would not be here today if it hadn’t been for them x

    • Thank you Joanne- we have many men and women to thank. Our words are simply not enough to show the gratitude we have in our hearts. Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

    • Me too!!! Yes the poop floatie was pretty fun and we had a lot of jokes going around! Have a great weekend!

    • It was fun!!! Adult pool parties are fun and we enjoyed the first of what will hopefully be several this summer. Have a great one!

  • Happy holiday weekend! You had a busy week. Thanks for some of the details on the wedding -I was wondering about the music. and I enjoyed the preacher’s sermon. Enjoy your weekend!

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