Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Hey everyone! It’s the last week of school wahoo!!

Because of this, I thought I would share my summer bucket list (background picture was taken by me during our honeymoon!). A lot of these may seem mundane but these are things I’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t gotten around to it. I thought about listing other items on my list but most of them are chore-related. The novelty of the list quickly wore off when I started adding “clean this, clean that” so I vetoed that idea. The chores will be always be there 🙂 So here goes!

Though I have lived in the DFW area going on four years now, I have yet to visit some of the typical tourist spots. History and science are fascinating and I enjoy museums. Practicing my camera skills at the zoo and aquarium is something I’m looking forward to as well.

As for the food related items, it can’t be summer without grilling or making some good old fashioned ice cream. Shay will be my helper for those items as he is my Grilling Warrior Ninja and Ice Cream Churning Master. I’ll be on my own as a vegan. I naturally am a pescatarian but I would like to fully eliminate all animal products for one month and minimize the amount of carbs I consume (I eat a lot of rice and corn). Mostly, I want to do this for health reasons. This shall be interesting when I make ice cream!

Some of these items are for spiritual, physical, and mental refreshment. Reading for pleasure has fallen by the wayside since graduate school and hitting the ground running in the real world. Trading textbooks and reports for the classic library book smell will be an exciting change. I have also never had a facial and would like to try this with a gal pal. Writing is something I enjoy doing so why not have a penpal? Not sure how I will embark on this quest but we shall see! Of course, above all, spiritual aligning myself with the Lord’s Word will also provide some much needed spiritual restoration.

Last but certainly not least, summer is a time where I can spend more time with Shay. Surprisingly, he was open to visiting a local farmer’s market. The play…maybe not so much but we both enjoy going to movie taverns where they have the comfortable reclining seats and food made to order. He also wants to join in on the zoo and aquarium adventures so that will be fun! 

No matter what your plans are in store- whether you are home with kids, continuing to work, or taking a vacation, I hope this summer will be a season of refreshment and relaxation for you!

Happy Summer-ing!!

6 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List”

  • Your summer wish list looks wonderful! Enjoy every moment of it! Please update on the vegan diet progress.

  • I love your list – it really is a bit of everything. The best part is the GB library visit at TAMU (I am guessing GB Senior?) – I was at A&M when it opened, it was really impressive! Looking forward to seeing more of DFW as well and finding out about how you do on the Vegan diet (I was Vegan for a while and still love Vegan food). The bible passage goal is a great one – need to do that – thanks for the reminder 🙂 xx

    • Yes you’re right!! I didn’t know you were in Texas for a bit. So cool!!!!! Thanks Joanne! I may need some of your vegan recipes 🙂

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