What’s Up Wednesday- May 2018

What’s Up Wednesday- May 2018

Howdy everyone! Today is the second to last day of school for the kiddos in our district. Wahoo!

I’m linking up with Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay for another edition of “What’s Up Wednesday.”

What I’m eating this week…since we were at the lake last weekend, Shay will be having lots of leftovers! Grilled chicken, lunch meat, burgers, bacon, etc. I also plan to defrost our garage freezer this upcoming weekend so anything currently there is fair game. For me, I’ve been enjoying my stockpile of this soup (courtesy of Town Talk!) Very healthy and tasty!

Found these at Kroger last week. These pretzels are also quite delicious and have been enjoyed with hummus.

What I’m reminiscing about… life before our dogs! Shelbie’s 2 year Gotcha Day is coming up June 3. Our lives were pretty boring before Shelbie and Stetson. I can’t imagine not having my pups! Also, the Royal Wedding because I am still embarrassingly obsessed.

What I’m loving… last week of school for kids! I still have some behind the scenes work to finish but we are in the final home stretch. Since it’s warm out, Shay has been wanting to grill more so that helps with dinner!

What I’ve been up to…work, putting together my summer bucket list, and throwing a reading list together. Shay and I have also been discussing renovations for our living room. Demo day is coming in a few weeks!

What I’m dreading… My dentist appointment tomorrow and the super hot temperatures of summer coming up. Hot temperatures can make me feel like I’m running a fever and then all I want to do is stay inside all day. I also sweat at the drop of a hatch. Not pleasant. And as of posting this Wednesday morning, our AC has decided to flake on us for the second time this month. So I’m dreading the bill for a new unit 🙁 #homeownerproblems

What I’m working on…final touches on the bedrooms, including finding some blinds that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I am also creating some sort of meal plan for the next month (see below).

What I’m excited about…work contract is nearly finished for the school year! Also, I am going full vegan for one month starting Friday. Yup yup, we will see how that goes!

What I’m watching… I caught up all the way with This Is Us and am excited for September. The finale for Designated Survivor took place last week and needless to say, I am sorely disappointed it has not been renewed for a third season. However, there is hope! Netflix may possibly pick up the series so Shay and I are crossing our fingers. The Bachelorette also premiered this week so I plan to root Becca on!

While writing, I also discovered “The Little Princess” (Shirley Temple version) was on Amazon Prime. Naturally, being a 90’s gal, I remember this version! Any 90’s babies remember this? Kindle My Heart anyone?? Sweet moment from childhood.

Here’s another blast from the past I was watching last night! I’ve seen this movie so many times…”Oh, pop a Midol!” makes me laugh!

What I’m reading… The Food Babe Way. This book was free during a book drive at work. Not going to lie, a good chunk of the book was quite scary to me. Author Vani Hari outlines why all these GMO’s are bad for you. However, her healthy tips were a good read. Some recipes are included in the index as well.

What I’m listening to… lots of classical music to help me write. Piano hymns, Disney piano music, show tunes, a little Great Showman, or anything to lighten the mood!

What I’m wearing… those white pants have been getting worn! I haven’t done a great job documenting outfits but I will work on this. It may need to be its own post! 

What I’m doing this weekend… Volunteering for Vacation Bible school at our church, end of year celebration party for work, and a good old trip to Town Talk. 

What I’m looking forward to next month… My 10 year high-school reunion is next month! Holy moly… I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my classmates.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite summer salad? I love a good old taco salad and my mom’s greek pasta salad. I trying to figure out how to make it friendly for my diet but I’ll definitely post the recipe this summer!

Well that’s my Wednesday for the month!

Enjoy the start of summer everyone!

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