Friday Favorites 06.01.18

Friday Favorites 06.01.18

Happy Friday and June 1st to everyone! I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites where we discuss our favorites throughout the week.

Most of today’s post features pictures from my Memorial Day weekend.

Friday after work, Shay and I made a quick grocery store stop before heading out to Lake Bridgeport with the pups. Shay’s family has a lake home that’s been in the family for several generations. His parents and aunt have been working on some updates during the week, including new painting, baseboards, flooring, couches, and rugs. We were quite impressed! Since we arrived in the evening, it was not long before I hit the hay. Shay and his brother did some fishing that evening.

Saturday, I woke up early since the dogs wanted outside. With my camera in tow, I took a few pictures of the sunrise. How glorious!

View from the cabin deck
Calm waters at the break of dawn
Watching for fish jumping out of the lake
Fishing all hours of the day and night
The “John” boat

A while later, I prepared breakfast for everyone: bacon and egg breakfast burritos.

Some folks were still snoozing- that’s why it’s dark!

Cheerios, fruit, yogurt, and coffee with almond milk were on the menu for me. Shay’s friend from out of town arrived a while later and the guys had fun swimming and playing with the dogs in the lake.

Miss Diva Shel ready to take on the boys!

Sweet Jake
Cooper “fetching” his float toy
Ready for someone to throw the toy- it’s a race to see who gets it!
Kissing up to the photographer 🙂
Fooling around
Shelbie Girl getting her kisses
Poor toy…
Kisses for Daddy
That toy is literally on its last leg…

Throughout the day, I alternated between reading, napping, and taking pictures. Shay’s mom let me try out her zoom lens. I really enjoyed using it for the first time! Some of the above pics were taken with the lens but I really wanted to practice capturing close ups of these little creatures.

Scaling the tree
Assuming the position to taunt Stetson and Shelbie
Little birdie getting a snack

For dinner, Shay’s mom smoked some meats, prepared a potato salad, and cooked some jalapeno poppers and asparagus/green beans wrapped in bacon.

They had chicken for days!
Poppers, asparagus and green beans wrapped in bacon

I had some soup over a sweet potato and pesto along with some salad and fruit.

My dinner 🙂

Later on the evening, everyone watched some show on Netflix or fished or waited for their turn to shower. I read and fell asleep at some point.

Ready to bed down for the night

Sunday, breakfast consisted of sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches. These were fun to make! I had my usual breakfast from the day prior plus orange juice.

Breakfast sandwiches in the cast iron skillet

We streamed the church service and I enjoyed hearing the sermon based on the book of Philippians (my favorite book in the Bible). The rest of the day was a blur for me! Taking pictures, nap, reading, lunch, and the epic water balloon fight. Upon hearing we would be launching these water balloons at passerby boats and jet skis, I thought it sounded rather cruel. Since it was pretty warm out, most folks were very willing targets. Lots of times, they laughed at us when we missed. I tried my hand at launching the balloons, but clearly slingshots are not my thing.

Ready Aim Fire!

Dinner consisted of big loaded salads with whatever leftover meats, proteins, and veggies we had on hand! We always eat well at the lake. After dinner, I took a few pics of the dogs before relaxing and heading to bed. These may have been Saturday. I’ve already lost track of time! 

My handsome boy
Still fishing 🙂
Cooper is very handsome too!!

Being a good watchdog

Monday, I woke up and had a little breakfast before heading out. I needed to get some things done at home and for work so Shelbie, Stetson, and I took off. Once I got home, it was laundry and chore time. Of course, Momma did all the work while the dogs slept the entire day, as they played hard! Shay arrived several hours after I did and it wasn’t too long before he took a nap too.

The rest of the week has a been a blur with work, dentist appointment, and a close call with the broken air conditioning unit. Friday, I am beginning my month of being vegan. Wish me luck!!

No clue what I’m about to embark on,

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 06.01.18”

  • Sounds like a wonderful weekend at the lake Shannon! It’s making me so excited for a few days of lake time in a few weeks. There’s nothing better!

  • What a fun weekend! Lake houses are the best – we are hoping my in laws will be getting one sooner than later- your photos look amazing too!

  • Ok – that ROCKED. Beautiful lake, tons of great dogs and amazing breakfast food – breakfast burritos and griddled sandwiches. Can I come next time?!! Seriously that looked great , and your wildlife photos are brill. Have a great week-end! Joanne xx

    • Thanks Joanne!!! Yes, come next time and then I’ll head over to you so I can escape into the beautiful English countryside!!

  • Oh, what a lovely weekend! GREAT pics, and I was drooling at the food. I’d love to be amongst all the dogs… Love how the zoom lens captured the details of the squirrels – they sure do love to taunt my dog! My older dogs never bothered with squirrels… only my current one. I can’t wait to hear about your vegan food month adventures!

    • Thank you!! They taunt my dogs constantly no matter where we are. Stetson will sit outside rain or shine for a squirrel to pass by.

  • These pictures are amazing, Shannon! The squirrel photo – wow! The lake house and lake look wonderful! That was nice of you to cook the breakfast and morning is the best time of the day to sit outside by the water. Hope you have some fun planned this weekend!

    • Thank you!! I had a great time. I loved using the zoom lens for the squirrel photo- I might have to add it to my Christmas list 🙂

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