Top 10 Summer Drinks

Top 10 Summer Drinks

Hey everyone! It’s time for another Top 10 list! Today I’m featuring my top 10 summer drinks.

As you are reading, several of you may be wondering, “Where’s the booze?!” Sorry to disappoint you friends, but I do not drink. This is a health and personal preference. However, I’m sure several of my summer drinks are “compatible” with different liquors and such. Gatorade and tequila? Well…ok maybe not.

1. Chick-Fil-A Lemonade

Oh baby oh baby. There’s nothing like freshly squeezed lemonade. On hot summer days, I enjoy sharing an extra large lemonade with Shay. Though it can be quite tart, I find the lemon to sugar ratio to be most agreeable

2. Starbucks’ Teavana Shaken Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion

Every southern girl enjoys her sweet tea. I enjoy this drink for pure refreshment! Typically, I only drink hazelnut soy lattes but I need something to cool off in the summer!

3. IZZE Sparkling Juice (Blackberry Flavor)

My sister-in-law introduced me to IZZE last summer. I was hooked! During intense soda cravings, I find IZZE to be a suitable alternative. Less calories, less sugar content, and absolutely no corn syrup

4. Ocean Spray Cranberry Raspberry Juice

I’ve been drinking this since I was a child. I always enjoyed it with a handful of goldfish crackers. Shay enjoys drinking this a lot and it’s so flavorful. Try this with a little bit of Sprite and you’ll be blown away.

5. Capri Sun Surfer Cooler

Once in a very rare blue moon, I’ll have a Capri Sun. Surfer Cooler and Mountain Cooler were among my favorites. They also were in my favorite Lunchables as a 90’s babe which of course I no longer eat 🙂

6. Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade

This is probably the most basic Sonic drink one can order but it’s another drink Shay and I enjoy sharing along with a large order of tots! I do not consume this often so it’s a special treat when I do.

7. Mexican Sprites

We try to abstain from corn syrup as much as possible. In the United States, corn syrup is found in regular soft drinks. Cokes in Mexico utilize real sugar. In my opinion, they taste a lot better.

8. Gatorade G2 Glacier Freeze

This is my hydration drink of choice when I used to run during the summer. Walmart as well as other grocery stores sell large containers full of the powdered mixes. I mix a little bit of this into my water bottles since a lot of sugar at one time does not sit well with me (especially while exercising).

9. Vitamin Water

This is probably very 2004 but I do enjoy Vitamin Water! The fruity flavors are the best and it’s nice knowing I’m getting some form of vitamins in my system (though the sugar content isn’t stellar).

10. Starbucks’ Evolution Fresh Go Cold-Pressed Juices

When I’m at Starbucks and don’t necessarily want a hot drink, I like to pick up one of their cold-pressed juices. The orange-mango flavored one is really good!

Thanks for tuning in for another top 10 list. Comment below if you have a favorite among my list or one that you would love to share!!

Stay hydrated everyone!

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Summer Drinks”

    • I don’t either- the deliciousness sucks me right in and before long, I’ve finished off my cup and want a refill!

  • What a great post idea! You’ve done the leg work about healthier alternatives for me. I love coffee and water and one cocktail about 2 times a week. Sometimes I need something different. I don’t drink soft drinks as a regular thing. I put a splash in a cocktail. I want to try the cram raspberry with a splash of sprite idea. When my twins were 2-5ish cranberry watered down juice was their drink. I’m not sure how I started that.
    The Mexican coke and sprite from a bottle is better!

    • Thank you! I love juices with Sprites because it gives it a little twist. I’ll do watered down cranberry juice at times if I’m trying to ration!

  • This was a great post idea! I haven’t heard of most of these but it is always nice to have lots of alternatives rather than alcohol when going out. I love fresh juices – hopefully Starbucks here will do that too (even though my closest one is about 100 miles away haha!).

  • Shannon, have you tried Chickfila’s FROSTED Lemonade? It is to die for! That’s my go-to treat every few months after I have spent hours at Hawkins – it’s on the way home…

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