Friday Favorites: 06.15.2018

Friday Favorites: 06.15.2018

Wahoo! Today is my official first day of summer and I’m so pumped!

I’m linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea for Friday Favorites and will recap my past weekend and events throughout the week.

Let’s start with last Friday. I had the day off from work and spent the day running errands in preparation for our trip. We left for Houston Friday evening around 7:30 and arrived around 11:30.

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to have breakfast with my grandparents at Cracker Barrel. I love exploring their shop for gift ideas and home decor. Everything is so homey and I love the variety of items for all ages! As a child, I was obsessed with playing checkers on these large mats as we waited for our table. One treasure I found this time was this fun patterned bag with pom-poms! Such a steal at $10 and I was able to use it for my reunion later that evening.

After breakfast, we relaxed and watched Uncle Buck (I love John Candy movies) Shay and I took my parents and their friends to the airport for their annual vacation. We then grabbed two pizzas to go from Mod Pizza. So delicious! My pizza is vegan and gluten free!

Shay and I left for my high school reunion around 5:00 and drove through a bit of rain. We were the first to arrive to help set up at the winery. Shay and I put the “photo booth” together (which is a post in itself!) and awaited for my former classmates to arrive.

The rest of the evening was a blur from helping classmates sign in, dispersing drink tickets, and reminiscing with classmates. We had a grand time and I’m thankful for Shay’s patience and willingness to be my date! So grateful for the fellowship and catching up with old pals!

Of course, I have to share the spread of Mediterranean inspired appetizers. There were three types of hummus: avocado, roasted garlic, and beet hummus with pita bread. Then tabbouleh and chicken skewers which Shay raved about!

Here’s a fun photo with some of my drumline buddies! We are holding a picture from when we won the Winter Guard International (WGI) Indoor Drumline competition in 2005 for the open class division. Sorry it’s a screenshot!

Sunday morning, we attended church service and ate at Jason’s Deli with my grandparents. I ordered the lighter portion of the black bean salad with extra guacamole (no cheese and sour cream to make it vegan). So delicious!

While this was going on, I tracked Courtney, my sister-in-law’s bib number as she completed her very first marathon in Seattle! Technology is pretty neat! I would get notifications when she started and reached certain mile markers. So very proud of her!

We originally planned to leave right after eating but a nap was in order. I took a quick power nap but Shay and the dogs needed some extra Z’s. I watched a free on-demand movie, the new Cinderella movie with Lily James. My parents also sent me some fun pictures!

Drove back to Houston and it was back to the grind. My last day of work was Thursday morning (yahoo!) so I am happy to be off until mid to late July! Lots of chores, puppy snuggles, and movies commenced on Thursday.

I have to share one additional favorite! Saw those advertisement for a new Larabar flavor coming to stores this summer! So excited!

Now onto completing that bucket list,

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: 06.15.2018”

  • Cracker Barrel honestly has some really cute decor items! That’s such a fun little bag and for $10 why not pick it up. I’m glad you had a great time at your reunion!

  • Give me all things with Pom poms! Great price and so cute! I was shocked when I recently went in a Cracker B. Your reunion spread looks amazing. Your outfits are cute, too!
    Happy summer!

  • Happy Friday and no more work for a while! I wish we had a Cracker Barrel near me in CA – I hear fun stuff about that place! Your reunion looked great – esp the Mediterranean food! Love that type of food! How is the vegan eating going – do you feel any changes, etc? Enjoy your weekend! Woof to Stetson and Shelbie…

    • It’s a good old time place! It’s going with the vegan- been tricky but I’m managing! I feel pretty good overall and my face looks clearer. Shelbie and Stetson say woof and ruff back to you!!

  • Haha – Cracker Barrell – I haven’t heard that mentioned since TAMU! I loved it! Your pizza looks tremendous. Also the goodies at your reunion look delicious too! And then JASON’S DELI – there was one in College Station and it was the only healthy place I found to eat the whole time – loved it – it was self-service salads and things then – is it the same now? I love that your posts are bringing back old memories! Your family are SO CUTE by the way. And RIGHT WITH YOU on John Candy films and Uncle Buck – must have watched it a 100 times and still love it! 🙂

    • I love how you remember these places! Jason’s still has a salad bar and you can order different soups, sandwiches, and even baked potatoes and pastas at the register. They have lots of options now. Did they have an soft-serve ice cream machine when you were at TAMU?

      aw thanks Joanne! I love my little family! Glad we love the same movies- they never get old!

  • I freaking love me some Cracker Barrel. We tend to hit them up every time we travel. There is just something about the home cooking and consistency you get from the restaurant. Do you mind me asking what you get to eat there? I don’t think of them as a great place for gluten free or vegan??

    • Me too!!!! So I am pretty limited. When I was just gluten-free, I would order yogurt, eggs, fruit, and turkey bacon. When I went the other day, I had fruit, plain hash browns (which I couldn’t guarantee them being gluten free or vegan), and some grits that quite possibly had butter in them. It was tough! I ate beforehand so I wouldn’t be so hungry.

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