Friday Favorites 06.22.2018

Friday Favorites 06.22.2018

Howdy everyone,

I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to discuss our favorites throughout the week! It’s been a relatively low key week with lots of chores and seeing friends and family.

Let’s start off with last weekend. Last Friday, we surprised my father-in-law with a party for his 60th birthday complete with a DIY photo booth, lots of friends, and lots of good Mexican food.

Saturday, I completed my routine of going to Town Talk for produce and snacks and then going to Trader Joe’s. The rest of the day, we relaxed, took the dogs to the park, and did chores. Painting party in the garage also commenced 🙂

Sunday consisted of church and teaching Bible class. Afterwards, we made homemade pizzas on the smoker and watched the Greatest Showman at my in-laws. The dogs (pictured below is Cooper, Shelbie and Stetson’s “cousin”) kept cool in their swimming pool as the food was being prepared.

Monday, I completed my first run in forever and later took the dogs to the park (please note I am READING A BOOK!). Shay and I started to clear out our living room since demo day is this weekend! Later, I met two co-workers for dinner close to home and had a great time with them.

Tuesday, I had an errand to run and dodged some brief rain while at the dog park with the pups. Later that afternoon, I went to Arlington to watch my brother play in a church softball game and went to Braums afterwards.

Wednesday was a lazy day for me. Another not so pretty run (with dogs in tow) took place. After getting cleaned up, I worked on some chores around the house. Later on, the puppies “checked their messages” at the dog park. As I was getting ready for bed, some unexpected hard rain blew in for about 30 minutes. It was loud!

Thursday, I worked out and went to Home Depot to pick up some paint samples. Afterwards, I went to Trader Joe’s with my mother-in-law who had never been! I will have some new favorites to share with you all very soon! TJ’s also had my favorite flowers in-stock!

After going to TJ’s, I napped with the dogs and worked more on the living room while working on the blog and some other odds and ends. Later in the evening, I went to see the Incredibles 2 movie with a friend. It was really good!

In other news, I have a few personal favorites I would like to share. I came across this on Facebook and about came apart laughing. Please excuse the banana hammock 😛

I’ve also been obsessed with “It’s A Southern Thing” on Youtube. I love their clips and their “Back Porch Bickering” series. Here is their latest video!

So true y’all,

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