Trader Joe’s Haul II

Trader Joe’s Haul II

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I usually post a recipe on Mondays, however our house has been turned upside down thanks to demo-day. Plus, we did not have Internet for about two days so that tampered with my schedule as well. I plan to post a recipe later this week or may just resume next Monday.

HOWEVER, I do think it is time for another Trader Joe’s Haul! Woop woop!

Homemade pizzas last week called for gourmet pepperoni (at least for my meat-eaters!)

Vegan pesto added to pizza or pasta or even Italian soups has been a winner for me!

These Italian veggies added either to pastas, soups, or chopped up on a homemade pizza add the perfect rustic Italian touch.

You would never know this crust was made from cauliflower and is gluten-free!!

Regular Fig Newtons have always had corn syrup in them. Not anymore! Shay has thoroughly been enjoying these cookies.

Speaking of cookies, I found the PERFECT gluten-free and vegan cookie. These did not last long! SNICKERDOODLES!

I love salads with a little bit of everything. Toss this bag in with some romaine and iceberg lettuce and call it a day! This would also be a great holiday salad with dried cranberries, pecans, and poppyseed dressing!

Salads are no longer boring for me with this dressing. Everyone has been raving about the Green Goddess dressing and I must say, I’m a believer!! This dressing is vegan, gluten-free, and Whole 30 compliant.

Teeny tiny avocados in a bag? Yes please! These have lasted me several days before becoming perfectly ripe. Don’t have to rush to use them any longer!!

This cooler is delicious on its own as a summer drink!

Saturn peaches (or donut peaches) are too cute!

Let me know if some of these are your favorites as well! I am enjoying Trader Joe’s products and can’t wait to share my next haul!

All the noms,

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