All Things Food with Grand B

All Things Food with Grand B

Happy Thursday everyone!

We’ve got another fun interview and today it’s with Grand B (my mom’s mom).  

Basically, I  periodically feature a family member/friend and interview them on topics related to food/cooking! So far, I have interviewed three family members:

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Here we go!

Age you began to cook….probably when I got married, 64+ years ago. A funny to tell about learning to cook. Growing up we mostly watched & did the cleaning up after the meal. My mother didn’t really have time to teach. There were 4 kids, at one time,  one was in elementary school, one in Jr. (middle) school, one in high school, one in college & my dad worked shift work. This one time she decided to give me & my younger sister a lesson on how to cut-up a chicken.  We each had a chicken & a knife, after a couple or so showing us which piece to cut off, my sister & I got to “horsing around and giggling.” Now you know why I always buy my chicken already cut-up.

Hardest dish you’ve made: I really can’t think of any, because if they look hard I didn’t usually make it. But, one time TC (my grandfather) & I decided to make the Cherry Spice cake his mother always made as part of their Christmas. We really didn’t have all the correct amounts to use, in all fairness to us, his mother always measured by putting the ingredients in the palm of her hand & or butter the size of an egg. After about 3 years of trying, the recipe is in the box.

Favorite dishes to make? Chill-Getta (one of TC’s favorites) & Chicken Sopa.

Side note: Chill-getta is a cross between chili and spaghetti and chicken sopa is a chicken-tortilla casserole with cheese, onions, cream of soups, etc. We ate both dishes quite a bit growing up 

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hamburgers & fries, along with a diet DP.

Side note: This is Grand B’s go to meal when we go to Denny’s for breakfast. Never seen her order anything else there!

Biggest oops in the kitchen? Making fudge on the wrong day (weather has to be a certain way). The pound cake that takes a long time to mix, 2 1/2 hours to cook, I opened the oven before it was done, it fell.

Side note: I’ve never seen Grand B make an oops- everything is always perfect!

Three things you keep in your pantry, fridge, and freezer: Pantry: soup, green beans & peanut butter, Fridge: eggs, milk, juice, Freezer: hamburger meat, ham, cake &/or cookies.

Cooking tips? I always try to clean up as I cook.

Favorite cooks? Anyone who cooks better than me.

Favorite desserts? Chocolate pie, anything that starts with chocolate.

Favorite appetizers? No favorites

Favorite fast food restaurants? Whataburger

Favorite restaurants? Don’t really have one, love good Mexican and seafood.

Since my family lives fifteen minutes from my grandparents, we did lots of meals together- after church, holidays, and sometimes on the weekends. Grand B is a terrific cook and I have lots of great family recipes that she’s passed down. That being said, many of Grand B’s responses didn’t surprise me too much! I know what she likes and doesn’t like!

Reading about Grand B’s childhood is always bittersweet. I especially enjoy hearing these stories since my great-grandparents passed away when I was quite little. To assist in what few memories I have of them, I rely mostly on what Grand B and Aunt Mary (Grand B’s sister) tell me and all of the pictures Grand B keeps at home in her albums. Pictures are beautiful and tangible representations to help us relive experiences or emotionally connect with those who we no longer see or those who have gone before us. Visits to Grand B’s house are incomplete unless I’m looking through an album (and drinking juice out of my cow cup!).

Thank you Grand B for taking the time to answer my questions!

Next month, I have another family member to interview and cannot wait!

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  • What a perfect little post! I truly loved this and can not wait for the next family interview 🙂 Too funny about the order at Denny’s too – when you know what you like, no sense in changing it!

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