Friday Favorites 06.29.2018

Friday Favorites 06.29.2018

Hi friends,

It’s Friday which means I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika to discuss my favorites throughout the week.

These week has been very crazy in that over half of our house is being remodeled. Let me take you back to last weekend when the madness began!!

Saturday, I quickly made a trip to Town Talk for some groceries before making a quick stop at Taco Cabana for breakfast tacos for our “crew.” For several hours, we had help from Shay’s brother and friend for moving furniture and doing typical demo stuff (on the birth date of Chip and Joanna’s new baby!!!). It was pretty tiring!

At some point in the evening, we took a break to rent a movie and have dinner. We watched Death Wish with Bruce Willis. Quite a dark and suspenseful film with some gruesome moments. Reminded me a lot of Taken with Liam Neeson.

Sunday, I attended service before coming home and relaxing (we were sore!) without Internet (eeck!) Early in the afternoon, we went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in 3D. It was pretty good! Not to spoil anything, but we are looking forward to the next installment in 2021. Crazy to think that far ahead!

Afterwards, we worked more on the house until we were exhausted. At some point, I began reading one of my library books (The Marriage Pact) and could not put it down.

Monday’s workout got cut since my shoulders were pretty sore from scraping wallpaper. Shay took the day off work so we took Shelbie to the vet for a check-up. Stetson came along as her emotional support friend. Shelbie does not like the vet and can be very fearful. Ever since she had a fecal probe test (for lack of a better name), she’s been on the defensive. Who could blame her? Lots of cuddles and reassurance were in store for Shelbie and we made it out in one piece. Dropped the dogs off at the house and then Shay and I drove to the grocery store, Internet store to get a new router, and then to Floor and Decor to price tile and stone. We continued to work on the house with little breaks here and there. I was able to finish my first library book and moved onto the second (Sisters First). It feels terrific to be able to get through a book that quickly!

Tuesday, I ran pitifully and came home to two fur-babies demanding for them to be taken on their walk. Naturally, I couldn’t turn them down. After splashing some water on my face, I took them out. Upon our return, I immediately hit the shower. I worked on scraping popcorn ceiling after resting and reading. After several hours, my shoulders and hands told me it was time to take a break. 

Wednesday and Thursday consisted of running errands and reading during my down time. One of my summer bucket list items was able to be crossed off (farmer’s market!). Loads of plants and fresh produce awaited me plus lots of jarred and frozen goodies!

I started and finished my third library book (Beautiful Day) early Thursday morning. Insomnia has its perks!

Book holds I had placed at the library last week were ready and I excitedly returned my three borrowed books and collected my new books. Outside of grad school, I don’t remember a time when I read so much FOR PLEASURE!

Thanks to my co-worker, I discovered paradise just minutes from my house, The Painted Tree. Local vendors rent out small spaces and sell all sorts of goodies- antiques, clothes, soaps, signs, you name it. Let’s just say Christmas 2018 has been taken care of!! There are so many creative minds out there and I loved visiting each booth to see what types of antiques/crafts/clothes were being offered. One booth had nothing but poodle skirts/tops/Pink Ladies jackets in varying sizes! Another person took old blue jeans to cover ottomans, couches, etc. This brought me back to 2nd grade when my grandmother sewed my very own purple poodle skirt. I loved wearing that skirt!

Well friends, that about wraps it up for this week. Temperatures are scorching us here and I thank my lucky stars our AC is working!!!

A Newly Proclaimed Book Worm,

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 06.29.2018”

  • I went to a place similar to The Painted Tree in Konxville, Tennessee and it’s such a good idea! I love that little craft places or shops that can’t afford a whole storefront can get their products out to a large group of people.

  • Yes, I love those shops with several local vendors in them – so many goodies to find! And your shoulders are going to be so toned from scrapping all the popcorn ceilings 😉 Have a great weekend Shannon!

  • The painted tree looks fantastic! Love places that support small independent vendors. Good to hear your Jurassic Park Review – really want to see it! Not sure if Death Wish is for me but I LOVE Liam Neeson! Have a great week-end – Joanne xx

  • Happy Friday Shannon! My body aches for yours and Shay’s… humans were not meant to angle ourselves to work on ceiling (or the insides of car windows), unless we can invert ourselves or detach/rearrange our limbs! Who invented popcorn ceilings?! I love your description of The Painted Tree… I’d love to spend a day roaming through there! Have a great weekend – I may have to fire up my AC unit this weekend!

    • I agree!!! No clue who invented popcorn ceilings but man they are a pain to scrap and sweep up! Have a great one Laurie!

  • The Painted Tree looks amazing! We watched Death Wish last weekend too. Yay for AC, have a great weekend and stay cool girl!

  • Ooof, scraping off popcorn ceiling does NOT look like fun at all. I would love do to that to our house someday but we have to get it tested for asbestos first… yuck. It sounds like a huge process so we’re holding off for now. I just saw that dairy free cheesecake in the store last week — is it any good?!! The Painted Tree sounds awesome, I would love to check out a place like that!

    • It’s not fun to take off but a little warm water in a squirt bottle helps. So sorry you have to deal with it too!!! I didn’t try the cheesecake but I was super tempted to buy it!

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