Top 10 Summer Movies

Top 10 Summer Movies

Hey everyone, it’s time for another Top 10 list!

In the spirit of summer, I’m listing out some of my favorite summer movies! Now, a lot of these are from the 80s-90s but hopefully you all may have find of your favorites on this list!

Mamma Mia!

ABBA, Greece, beautiful waters and scenery, and lovely actors… I adore watching this film during the summer and singing the soundtrack year round! PSA: Mamma Mia 2 comes out THIS MONTH!!! Ahhh!!!

Dirty Dancing

Spending a summer at Kellerman’s would be an interesting experience to say the least! A cozy lodge tucked away in the mountains for a few weeks would be perfect for me! Dancing lessons, reading books, trying on wigs, carrying watermelons… smells like summer!!!

The Sandlot

Also known as the bane of my existence throughout elementary school. This movie is about a group of eager baseball players spending countless hours playing pick-up baseball and battling normal preteen situations such as summer love, battling the dog next door, and trying spit tobacco (NOT!!) For a while, I couldn’t look at tomato basil soup in the same way.

The Parent Trap

Finding your identical twin, piecing together your past, and switching places on your parents? All at summer camp? Perfect little summer film! Beautiful Natasha Richardson and handsome Dennis Quaid portrayed the parents and Lindsay Lohan was at her best as a new star on the horizon! I miss that Lindsay Lohan. The 1961 original version is great as well!

50 First Dates

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler play an interesting couple. One forgets everything each morning while the other is determined to assist her in remembering. It’s a cute little chick flick set in Hawaii!

What About Bob?

If there was a favorite psychological movie (my career is psychology related), this one would be it. Bob (Bill Murray) takes his psychiatrist’s (Richard Dreyfuss) recommendation of “taking a vacation” to the next step. He crashes his psych’s vacation home, befriends the family, and literally drives his psych insane. Despite Bob’s OCD and profound anxiety, you may find Bob to be quite charming!


Oh y’all this 90’s film is one of my favorite summer movies! This is about a bunch of young boys attending summer camp to get their bodies in shape. What is predicted to be a super fun summer with the Blob and the great counseling staff is short lived. Disaster ensues when Ben Stiller’s character, a controversial/unorthodox fitness guru takes over the camp and ends all fun things.

Independence Day

Aliens threatening to invade Earth near the Fourth of July. That’s pretty much all you need to know! Classic July 4th movie right here!


This 90’s flick is about tornado chasers combing all over Oklahoma to test out their new technologically advanced system (to provide insight into a tornado’s infrastructure). Besides putting themselves in the midst of harm’s way, we also deal with the drama of two formerly married storm chasers. The chasers played by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt attempt to finalize their divorce on the day several twisters threaten Oklahoma. Drama on top of drama!

Tommy Boy

Chris Farley and David Spade. Oh what can I say!!! These guys team up and hit the road in an attempt to save Tommy’s (Chris Farley) family business. David Spade plays the uptight family business assistant. Lots of laughs!

So that’s my Top 10!!! I should add the following for honorable mention: The Lizzie McGuire movie, Blue Crush, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 

This list has made me excited to share my favorite fall and winter movies lists- but you’ll have to wait!!

Nobody puts Baby in the corner,

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