Friday Favorites 07.06.2018

Friday Favorites 07.06.2018

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a pretty busy weekend and I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant Fourth of July!! I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea.

Last weekend, I had several events going on but they were minimally documented for privacy reasons. Saturday, I completed my usual routine of going to Town Talk and Trader Joe’s. Due to the high volume of fruit I’ve been purchasing, we have been freezing containers of them and making smoothies such as Peach Paradise Smoothies.

Saturday evening, we had the honor of attending Shay’s cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in their backyard. At the bride and groom’s request, the ceremony was “unplugged” so no phones allowed. I thought this was nice so that everyone could be present and fully engaged in the moment. Best part of the wedding were the speeches. They were so heartfelt.

Sunday, I attended church, taught Bible class, and ran by the grocery store for a few items. In the evening, my church community group met for dinner at one of our homes. Oftentimes, we each bring different items to make one meal. Taco salad is a popular choice which is one of my favorites! My community group means the world to me and we have been fortunate to add some new members! Several sweet babies have been born into our group over the past year! Snuggling and playing with the kids makes my heart happy.

Monday, I woke up too late to run so an indoor workout was in order. Stetson wanted to play so I tossed a toy for him to fetch in between sit-ups. My sister-in-law and nephews picked me up and we spent the morning touring the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. The exhibits were pretty neat and the boys enjoyed each of the different activity centers. One exhibit (Grossology) especially grossed us gals out! Naturally, the boys were all over it! Imagine an exhibit all about bodily functions and far too much information. That being said, I definitely felt educated after viewing this exhibit!! We enjoyed the “make your own gas” activity (pressing buttons to create the noises). The rest of the day consisted of resting and laundry. Fun stuff!

Tuesday, my workout situation was the same and then I drove to Dallas to meet my brother. We carpooled together to the Perot Museum and spent the morning there. Each of the science exhibits were very engaging and we had a great time.

The cafe was pretty nice and reasonably priced. I was concerned about being able to find a suitable meal for me but I saw the workers laying out plates of chicken, broccoli, and roasted potatoes. Another lady had asked for just a side dish of potatoes and was given a side dish full of potatoes. I guess I asked wrong because the worker just took the chicken off the plate and left me the veggies on the side. Oh well- at least I wasn’t fully charged for the meal. To supplement my “meal,” I had to raid the hamburger condiment bar…

After coming home, a long nap happened with dog cuddles while watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. In true Shannon fashion, I also stumbled upon and watched The Princess Diaries. It’s a nice treat finding movies from my childhood and teenage years.  Shay and the dogs left for a short trip to the lake so I organized my kitchen cabinets and had a yummy “ice cream” treat!

Wednesday, I ran in some semi-decent weather before tackling the clutter in our house. Organizing is something I both like and dislike. It takes a lot of initiative to get me going but the end product is so worth it! Several sacks for donation were the end result. A local charitable organization sent me a flyer a few weeks back about donating with free pick-up on July 5. Having this deadline plus the bonus of not having to load up my car was super motivating! Sometime in the afternoon, Shay came home red as a lobster so we spent the evening watching Parks and Recreation and eating Taco Cabana take-out. An early bedtime was in store for all of us.

That’s about my week so far! Thursday evening, I am headed to Houston for the weekend to see family.

Still working on that bucket list,

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  • Like Amy I cracked up at your bro’s facials at the ‘mating exhibit’ hahaha! Caspar would love the ‘grossology’ – saying that the picture of the dog nearly had me borking again so I kind of scrolled down fast over that section. We’ve had huge changes to data privacy laws here so I am glad you mentioned it on your blog – going have to be really careful about ‘random snaps’ now! Been there with the condiment thing BTW – you have to be quite resourceful when following a vegan diet!! Is the Perot museum linked to the Ross Perot family?! Good for you watching Parks – we are about to repeat all seasons in this house too. At least 2-3 months have passed, I can’t live without it haha! Joanne xx

    • Thanks Joanne! I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to pictures.

      Yes, the Perot museum is linked to Perot!

      I am REALLY enjoying Parks and Recreation. It’s funny for me to watch Chris Pratt before he landed it big with Jurassic World and those superhero movies.

  • I asked for a veggie burger at 5 Guys once and they gave me the bun with lettuce, tomato, onion , and ketchup on it! What a rip off!!! Ha! Glad you were able to supplement your lunch!
    I always eat Halo Top ice cream but see that So brand, I’ll have to give it a try!
    Enjoy your weekend in Houston!

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