Friday Favorites 07.13.2018

Friday Favorites 07.13.2018

Hey friends,

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday Favorites.

Let’s start off with last weekend!

Thursday evening, I went to Houston to see my family for a long weekend. My arrival was around 10:30 so naturally I went to bed soon after.

Friday morning, we battled the humidity and walked four miles. Though it was around 6:30 am when we left, it was really gross out! After cleaning up, we went to good old HEB to purchase ingredients for a dish. Once we finished at HEB, Mod Pizza opened up and I ordered a gluten-free vegan pizza to go. We also dropped by Chick-Fil-A to get lunch for my grandparents.  Mom had a lunch date with a friend and dropped me off at Grand B and Grand T’s house. Inside their to-go bag, we found a surprise: a box of Chick-n-Minis! Explaining this to my grandparents was pretty fun as they are used to having sausage on biscuits. However, Grand T quickly took to the chick-n-minis with some honey doused on top! He has a new breakfast item to order now! After lunch, Grand T put on a movie, The Sting with Robert Redford. We watched some of it before Mom came to pick me up.

Once we got home, Mom and I worked on preparing the Shrimp Cups and Black Bean Cups (featured on Monday’s post) and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning, we traveled to see my mom’s friend’s lake house in Conroe. We visited with her for a bit before traveling to my great aunt’s lake house. Aunt Mary had quite a lunch spread of brisket, baked potatoes with fixings, baked beans, appetizers, and desserts. My cousin Judy brought her famous Ugly Dip and it disappeared before we made our plates for lunch! We brought the shrimp cups and they were a hit as well. Rain began to pour hard once we had lunch but my cousins were able to spend some time swimming and riding their waverunners. I got to love on my cousin’s twins. They have grown SO much and are the cutest ever!!!

After leaving Aunt Mary’s, we relaxed for the rest of the evening again.

Sunday morning, we attended church and Bible class before eating lunch at La Brisa, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Houston. Places that have designated gluten-free menus are favorites for me. My lunch consisted of grilled vegetable fajitas with sides. So good!

After lunch, we relaxed briefly before going to Grand B and Grand T’s to finish my movie and wait for the bus. The bus ride back was uneventful which is good!

Monday was Shay’s birthday! That day was a blur for me! I ran several errands to catch up on things I had missed over the weekend. Shay’s birthday cake needed to be baked and iced. We celebrated with several family members and friends at Uncle Julio’s before serving cake and presents at his parents’ home. While there, Shay opened up his big birthday surprise! A Nexgrill Deluxe!!! He seemed very excited!

Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly laid back. A few errands were run but I mostly relaxed at home with the dogs. Shelbie and Stetson had some tummy issues the past few days so I wanted to stay near home.

It was a good opportunity for me to begin my next round of library books and spend some time binge watching this show on Netflix! Anyone familiar with Baby Ballroom? It’s a show based in the UK (Joanne- have you heard of this show?) Basically, the show follows a dance school and young aspiring ballroom dancers training and participating in various competitions. Seriously, they are some of the best dancers I’ve seen, even the youngest children. Someone sign me up for dance lessons!

Wednesday night, Shay assembled his birthday gift and immediately christened it with burgers. After dinner, we watched a rented movie, Blockers. Holy smokes, I didn’t realize how inappropriate this movie would be. It was humourous at some parts but still there were some moments that made me cringe!

Thursday morning, the puppies seemed TONS better so we walked after momma’s pitiful run. Clearly I have a while until I’m back where I was over two years ago. You have to start somewhere, I suppose. I did a couple chores around the house before my 1:00 facial appointment. This was my first time receiving a facial and it was a great first experience. To save money, I called up our local beauty school and scheduled an appointment with one of the students. Originally, the price was $25 for 60 minutes but since it was my first visit, I received 50% off! My face stung quite a bit but I knew my skin badly needed exfoliating. I plan to go back for another! A thunderstorm rolled in soon after I came back home. Once it let up, Shay and I rushed off to Home Depot. He had been wanting to purchase an air compressor for some our remodeling tasks. Immediately, he broke it in and thankfully, it is not too terribly loud!

My last favorite of the week…the Thai soccer team and coach were rescued from the cave!! Praise God they are out of the cave!! Such brave boys and terrific efforts from all those who assisted in their rescue- military, health professionals, divers, etc.

Well that about does it for another week of favorites! See y’all next week!

16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 07.13.2018”

  • $25 for a 60 minute facial?! That’s insane and it’s even crazier that you got 50% off. Now I want to find a local beauty school haha. Shay’s grill looks awesome! What I wouldn’t give to have a grill for our apartment…

    • Yes!!! I was like surely this is too good to be true. Call around and see what deals you can get! Awww…I feel you on the apartment. When we lived in an apartment for several years, we were bummed about not being able to have a grill/not having the space for one. We made do with a George Foreman but it’s just not the same! One of these days you’ll get one!

  • Oh yeah, now that’s a birthday gift that will keep on giving. Ugly Dip sounds really good and fun!! You look so cute with the twins. Praise and Glory for that Thai cave rescue indeed! Have a Fabulous weekend sweetness!

  • Heyyy! I haven’t heard of baby ballroom – but how serious yet cute do they look in that photo? Strictly Come Dancing here is huge so I am not surprised this has taken off. I will have to take a peek on Netflix. The food on your blog always looks great – seriously craving that Mexican! Hope your face isn’t stinging now after your facial! Was it one of these serious chemical peel ones or a regular one? I think the last time I got a facial was 1998!! Joanne x

    • I know! They are mini adults! They mentioned Strictly Come Dancing on the show quite a few times. They had a dancer featured from that show to assist with choreography.

      Thank you!!! I love all the Mexican in the world!

      My face stung during the facial during each of the exhalations. I’m thinking they did a regular chemical peel. I was a bit red in the face yesterday afternoon and evening- this morning I looked back to normal. You need to go get a facial 🙂 They are really nice!

  • Looks like some awesome family and birthday time! It took some time for me to convince my family to eat Chick Fil A breakfast but I’ve converted them all now. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Cat 🙂 I can understand how some people may not want Chick Fila for breakfast! Thankfully they have a lot of different options. Have a great one!

  • Hey girl! Loved waking up and reading your blog this morning.😊 u have such a way with words when u write. Thanks for sharing 😊😊😊

    • Aw thanks Mon for stopping by!!! You’re too sweet! I have enjoyed getting to have some adventures with you and the boys this summer <3

  • Happy Friday Shannon! I loved reading about your week/trip to see family/and Shay’s birthday. What a gift! I hope the pups are better – nothing like under the weather pups… (love the pic of one of them in bed – “pull the covers up for me, mom”)! Have a great weekend!

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