Shan’s Smoothie Prep 101

Shan’s Smoothie Prep 101

Hi everyone,

As you’re reading this, I am in Houston once again with my family. Two family members are having some procedures completed so please keep them in your prayers for a quick recovery.

Today, I thought I would share one way of prepping smoothies. As of lately, I have been on a smoothie kick! When I started shopping at Town Talk (my go-to place for buying dirt cheap produce), I always ended up with so much extra produce, particularly berries. Most of the time, the fruit began to go bad before I could use it. So….I had to think up another plan.

Typically, I would use up all of my large plastic containers to store fruit but they would take forever to defrost. Not to mention I needed those containers for storing typical leftovers! Obviously, I needed to come up with another storage method!!! 

Funny enough, I am a proud third or fourth generation (from the South) who is notorious for storing items in containers other than Tupperware. If you watch this video and you’re Southern, you may be able to relate:

Everyone in my family has a different food storage method. The most popular ones are Pringles cans, Nestle Toll House cookie dough tubs, sour cream containers, and the nice plastic containers from the local Chinese restaurant.

While these are very efficient and useful, I have discovered my very own favorite: hummus containers!

Athenos is the brand I prefer since their containers are more sturdy than Sabra. Since becoming a hummus connoisseur about four years ago, I have accumulated quite a stash. My logic for collecting them is simply for portion control and they are also dishwasher safe. They also have big and little sizes which I utilized as well during my prep. 

Without further ado, let me walk you through my smoothie prep!

Smoothie Prep 101 Supplies:

  • Fresh fruit and frozen fruit
  • Greens
  • Hummus containers or containers of your choice
  • Strainers
  • Bowls
  • Paper towels/dish towels
  • Cutting board and knife
  • Salad spinner (optional)
  • Labels (optional)

After purchasing all of my produce at Town Talk, I come home and clean everything at once. On this particular trip, I came home with about 6 cartons of strawberries and 6 blood oranges! In my freezer, I had 2 half bags of frozen berries, 1 bag of frozen peaches, and 2 packages of kale.

For the fresh fruit: I rinsed my strawberries in my colander and dried with towels. Use towels that can withstand the berry juices as they stain fabrics. After blotting off the excess liquid, I went ahead and chopped the fruit up.

For the frozen fruits/veggies: Frozen kale does not take long to defrost when using warm water and a colander. After giving the kale a good thorough rinse, I used my salad spinner to additional clean and get rid of the excess liquid. Berries from the freezer were also rinsed/slightly defrosted in the colander so they would be able to fit in the containers. During this time, I also chopped the peaches in half.

Assembly: You can assemble your containers however you want! Small hummus containers (holds about 7 ounces) were utilized for the kale while the larger containers (14 ounces) contained an assortment of fruit. I like to mix and match and peaches/oranges/berries go relatively well together.

Prior to making my smoothie each morning, I simply take a smoothie container (or two if I want greens in my smoothie) and defrost it overnight in the fridge. When blending the fruit along with either coconut water, yogurt, almond milk, greens, and protein powder, I should be able to have at least two servings worth. I tend to drink about 12 ounces in one setting and save the rest for later in the day. 

I would love to know how you smoothie prep! Totally open to new ideas!!!

Smoothie Queen,

4 thoughts on “Shan’s Smoothie Prep 101”

  • I never thought to keep old hummus containers!! I keep other containers but I will definitely need to start collecting these for smoothie prep. So much easier than a giant bag of frozen fruit.

    • Thanks Maureen! I have eaten a lot of hummus to accumulate what I have so far! I also have a few sour cream containers around that work too but they’re not see-through which stinks for me 😛

  • I love your prep system…While I don’t do smoothies – yet – I do use similar containers for my leftovers! They wash and hold up well. And stack great in the refrig. I don’t microwave them, though.

    Sending prayers to you/your family for recovery from procedures.

    • Thanks Laurie!! It’s helped me out quite a bit!

      We appreciate your prayers- they are recovering quite well 🙂

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