Friday Favorites 07.20.2018

Friday Favorites 07.20.2018

Hi everyone!

I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites to discuss my favorites throughout the past week.

Last Friday, I started out my day by taking Stetson and Shelbie to the dog park. It ended with me roaring with laughter!

Many owners bring tennis balls to play fetch with their dogs. Though I brought his nasty old ball, Stetson was far more interested in playing with the other dogs’ balls. New smells, I’m guessing. Anyways, he has a tendency to interrupt their games quite often because he thinks the balls are for him. We were about to leave and I call him over to put his leash on. The silly dog isn’t listening of course. He has of course crashed another game and is NOT letting go of the tennis ball. Several owners (and dogs no less) are waiting for me to take control of the situation. Stetson finally drops the ball on command and then starts PEEING on it! Then the little stinker comes over for his leash. Ugh, I was mortified but at the same time, everyone is cracking up. I apologized profusely and take the pee-ball over to the doggie water fountain and rinse it off for the owners.

He has been going through quite the marking phase. Onset of puberty perhaps? More comfortable in his environment?? Stetson was fixed right before we adopted him so I’m unsure how it affects his hormones. Would love advice from boy dog moms!!

The rest of Friday was spent doing chores and relaxing.

Saturday was a busy day. My Town Talk ritual was quickly completed before jetting off to a birthday party for one of the children in my community routine. My word, this event center was SO cool! Lots of life-size pretend play exhibits, inflatable bounce houses/slides, dress up clothing, and a little coffee station for the parents- how appropriate! The theme was Minnie Mouse and my friend had a lovely cake and brunch type foods! I played at the “lemonade stand” with one of the other children, who might I say is the most brilliant five year old I know! He lovingly made me a glass of “tomato lemonade” and then a glass of “BBQ lemonade.” I of course accepted his drinks after “paying” for them.

After the party, I picked up Shay and we headed to Costco for some adult necessities: vitamins, dishwasher detergent, and laundry detergent. He happens to love their beef jerky and picked up a few bags. We then headed to Floor and Decor and proceeded to pick out stone and tile for our living room. It’s really happening y’all!!!

Naps were in order once we came back home. I read for a bit, completed smoothie prep, and worked on the blog. Once he woke up, Shay assisted me in defrosting the outside freezer. We did a big freezer purge and it was quite wonderful!

Sunday morning, I attended church before Shay and the pups dropped me off at the bus station. During the ride to Houston, I was able to finish a book- yay! My family picked me up around 3:00 and then we headed to my grandparents’ home for dinner. Afterwards, an HEB trip commenced!

Monday, I woke up extra early to head downtown to the Medical Center. Two family members had some procedures completed. I was at one hospital from about 6:00 am until around 1:00 pm.

This book kept me company during the down time:

Though we were prepared and had snacks on hand, this hospital had a Starbucks and several cute little eateries. This refresher is my new FAVORITE cold drink! 

My lunch was from Murphy’s Deli inside the hospital. This is the veggie burrito bowl I ordered:

After heading back home, a major nap was in order. We relaxed for a while and watched taped episodes of OutDaughtered. Anyone watch this show on TLC??? This family lives in League City which is about 15 minutes away from us.

Fun fact: I attended prom with one of the family’s friends. Isn’t that a hoot? 

I also tuned in and watched Home Run Derby while continuing to read Let Me Lie. It was really good with some major plot twists- one of the best thrillers I’ve read so far! Determined to finish it, I read until about 12:30 am.

Tuesday morning, Mom and I ran a few errands and stopped at Blaze Pizza for lunch. This pizza was so delicious!!!

During the afternoon, we hung out briefly with my grandparents before I was dropped off at the bus station. Ugh- what a miserable ride, at least for the first hour! The bus was already warm to begin with but a ton of people along with the slow running AC makes for an awful ride. Typically, the bus is quite cold so I will bring wear jeans and bring a jacket. The poor guy sitting across the aisle from me reclined back in his seat with his shirt up and belly out. Good news is that it FINALLY began to cool off once we were out of the city and we arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule. I had a book I wanted to read but was too miserable to concentrate.

At one point, I listened to Christmas music on Spotify in an attempt to think wintery thoughts.

Wednesday morning, I played with the dogs in the backyard and the unthinkable happened. Stetson marked his own toy AGAIN! We were playing and I guess he had to go so he dropped the ball, moved forward, and whizzed away. 

I ran a couple of errands to pick up additional paint samples, return library books, and to visit my happy place, Costco.

Before noon, it was already over 100 degrees. Ugh and double ugh. This meant a long nap was in order for me and the dogs after coming home. I also blogged, did laundry, and watched Parks and Recreation. Once Shay got home, we headed to a movie tavern to watch Ant Man and the Wasp. It was pretty good! Shay and I both ordered pizzas. I would have taken pictures except we arrived a little late so it was dark 😛

Thursday, I took the pups to park in the morning. Afterwards, we went to go visit Shay at work and see Cooper! It was so hot outside so the dogs went “swimming.”

Shelbie refused to come near the pool because she associates it with bath time. She did come by once or twice to drink out of the pool but that was pretty much it.

Stetson stayed to “help” his daddy at work while Shelbie came on home with me. Later on, I went to a secondhand clothes store with a friend and two of her children. On Thursdays, the store runs a special where all items are 45 cents. I found a gorgeous black dress with lace. I’ll have to post a pictures on here sometime. The rest of the day was a blur… quick run to the store and making a recipe with Shay that I will post here on Monday.

Phew. Another week down. Today is my official last day of summer before returning to work so I’m going to soak up every last bit of summer that I can. I do have a few more items to achieve on my summer bucket list but we are having triple degree temperatures so we have a while until summer is gone. But on an upbeat note…


Here I go again,

14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 07.20.2018”

  • 45cents! What? I was going To comment on other things but now all I can think about is that! I like how you use the bus but that would be miserable without AC. That salad looked really good. My dog doesn’t mark toys but does seem to need to mark new outdoor spaces.
    I’m going to do a post on what I buy at Costco. Would love to hear your recs, too!

  • The dog park story is hilarious!! At least everyone laughed about it and wasn’t upset or anything. Stetson probably didn’t know much better haha. I’m adding that book to my list!

  • Oh my gosh, Stetson marking the toys has me rolling!!! LOL! Love that you were listening to Christmas music this week too 😉 I really like your picks for your living room and can’t wait to see it all come together. Enjoy the last of your summer vacay Shannon!!!

  • I love your weeks in review! I have NEVER heard of a dog weeing on his ball before- that is funny, it takes ball possessiveness to a new level!! I don’t know how you are going to get around that one?! The little town set up is so adorable – you had fun playing (to amuse the kids of course) in at the lemonade stand, so would I!! BBQ lemonade – ooh how lovely haha! Your pizzas always look amazing and I always read your blog and get hungry (again!). I can only imagine what it was like on the buses in that heat. I travelled all over Texas on buses but only in winter – eek! The Mariah song is the best Christmas song BTW. I hope your family members are now well recovered after their procedures. You are so lucky to have Starbucks in hospitals! We have the WRVS – Women’s Royal Voluntary Service – old ladies selling cakes and tea instead – its ok but I think if I were sick I’d love a Starbucks to cheer me up! Have a lovely week-end – Joanne x

    • This was the first time I had seen any dog do that! He usually isn’t that possessive. That’s neat you have the WRVS in the hospital. I would love to have some homemade goodies instead of the hospital food. Have a great weekend Joanne!

  • Love reading weeks in review! It’s always fun to see how people’s weeks pan out. Blaze Pizza is my favorite–I had one really close to me when I was in law school, but now the closest one is super far away and I miss it D:

    Also, your dogs are hilarious!

  • Uh why did we not have parties like that when I was a kid?!
    It looks like you had a fun and busy week!
    Your dogs are too cute! I could see our dog Turbo marking his territory on his toy too haha! Our other dog June would probably look at him disgusted.
    Was your book good?
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    • I know! I would have loved to have a birthday party at a place like this.

      The book was definitely good and had lots of plot twists. Definitely kept me hooked!

      have a great weekend Ashley!

  • Stetson! What a funny pup! Love Blaze pizza but we don’t have one close darn it. My mom said Mamma Mia was so good. I must see it. Soak up these last few days of fun and I need to send some cool down vibes to your HAWT neck of the country.

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