What’s Up Wednesday July 2018

What’s Up Wednesday July 2018

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s time for What’s Up Wednesday with Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay! Though school does not start until August 20, I have already been back to work for 3 days.

What I’m eating this week…planning has not really happened! We ate well over the weekend which makes planning more difficult. Can’t plan if you’re stuffed! Surviving hot temperatures has not stopped Shay from grilling out!

Shay’s birthday present was this new grill and we have really enjoyed it so far.

Try his Mamma Mia burger that he recently created!

Also, I have been having ALL the smoothies in the world!

What I’m reminiscing about…when summer started and I had five weeks off! I really do love my job; it is just always hard going back! Sounds random but I am also reminiscing about the times we had temperatures in the 80s. We have a while until those days come back around.

What I’m loving…being able to accomplish items on my summer bucket list! Here’s an update for you: 

Still have a little ways to go but I am proud of being able to cross out half of the list! I am nearly close to crossing off the Bible verses goal as I have 7 verses committed to memory. Visiting the George Bush library is planned for later this week.  

What I’ve been up to…we have been preparing to paint inside the living room, small dining area, and hallway. When I say preparing, I mean removing wood paneling, scraping popcorn ceiling, ripping up carpet, and fixing up holes in the wall. That alone takes up a good bit of time! Shay has also replaced our patio door! It has now been christened with wet doggy noses. 

What I’m dreading…as of lately, we have had triple digit temperatures. My car read 111 degrees one day. Not fun! So I’m dreading a continuance of this and not having some relief for a while! A rainy day would be nice!

What I’m working on…fixing up the living room mainly. We have finally decided on a paint color as well as options for our fireplace place and tile. Tiramisu Cream (BEHR) is the name of the paint color we are going with. Mom would approve since tiramisu is her favorite dessert. I have also been working on reading more books!

What I’m watching…I’ve watched a little bit of this, a little bit of that! In the world of Netflix, I have started watching Parks and Recreation and Baby Ballroom (a show about kids/teens in the UK training for ballroom competitions). Amazon has Downton Abbey which I’m easing into as well. Don’t be alarmed, I am chronically about 5-10 years behind the major popular shows.

As far as summer movies are concerned, I’ve seen the following:

The Incredibles 2

Avengers: Infinity War

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again


Solo: A Star Wars Story

I am wanting to see the new Mission Impossible movie as well as the Christopher Robin movie! It looks so precious! Christopher Robin looks precious…just wanted to clarify that 😉

What I’m reading… thanks for asking 😉 My summer reading goal was between 10-15 books. I’m currently on book number 12 with a good chunk of summer remaining. A recap of the first 8 books I’ve read can be found here! Though fairly new to Goodreads, I would love to have some new followers! Find me here! Books 9-12 are pictured below:

What I’m listening to…the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack! I’m enjoying some of the ABBA classics of course and the newly featured ones from the movie: Andante Andante, When I Kissed the Teacher, Fernando, and My Love, My Life are some of my new favorites! If you’ve seen the movie, did you spot Bjorn and Benny’s (ABBA members) cameos??

Hint: one of them is a teacher in the opening scene and the other is playing the piano during the singing of Waterloo.

What I’m wearing…now that I’m back to work, I tend to wear more business casual clothing. Summer temperatures mean T-shirts and Nike mesh shorts on most days with no makeup and messy buns.

What I’m doing this weekend…hiking on some trails with a friend, church, teaching Sunday school, and going to small group.

What I’m looking forward to next month… hopefully having more progress to share on our home renovations and cooler temperatures (I can wish right?)

That about wraps up this month’s What’s Up Wednesday! See y’all for Friday Favorites!

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