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All Things Food with Shay

All Things Food with Shay

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for another fun food related interview! Today is with my husband, Shay!

Shay is my fifth family member that has answered the following questions. Click below to read past interviews!

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Age you began to cook? I had just turned 9 or 10 and was living next door [he lived in the house next door to us growing up]

Hardest dish you’ve made? Evidently it was a birthday cake. No, I don’t know!

Note: Shay’s referring to a cake he attempted to make when we were dating. I had asked for nothing but a homemade cake. The cake was good but he had not let the cake cool before frosting it. He then tried to freeze the whole cake as a last ditch effort to salvage the cake. It definitely was not pretty but it was perfect and tasty because it’s the thought that counts!

Favorite dishes to make? I love making Mexican food but I never make it. Anything on the grill is my favorite!

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Spaghetti

Biggest oops in the kitchen? Dropping a crystal glass with whiskey in it. Fell right between my hands. It was my dad’s and I was so apologetic. I thought it was sentimental so I was like “Oh my gosh! I broke your crystal glass!” but apparently it wasn’t.

Three things you keep in your pantry, fridge, and freezer: Pantry: bread, soup, crackers; Fridge: milk, eggs, and sausage; Freezer: pizza rolls, pizzas, and burritos

Cooking tips? Shay originally said, “Throw a little beer on top.” I interjected and then his next response was “Don’t sneeze on the food.” Practical, I suppose

Favorite cooks? Shanny (me!)

Favorite desserts? Ice cream

Favorite appetizers? Potato skins

Favorite fast food restaurants? I like Taco Bueno, Chicken Express, and Whataburger

Favorite restaurants? Uncle Julio’s, Japanese Palace (Hibachi grill), and Texas de Brazil

I have to hand it to Shay. He’s been grilling at least once, sometimes two times a week and it has saved me from having to cook. Cooking every night can be so laborious and I’m thankful he wants to grill and looks forward to doing so.

I’m the laziest cook,

10 thoughts on “All Things Food with Shay”

  • So cute! You lived next door? Do you have the whole story on the blog? Tell Shay to try my Mexican lasagna recipe that’s on the blog today!

    • I need to share that story. It’s a long one!!! But Shay lived next door as a boy. His grandparents lived next door. He would love your Mexican lasagna recipe!!

    • Haha yes he’s so literal sometimes!!! Yes, he was sweet by stating I’m his favorite cook. I think he’s pulling my leg though!

  • I’m a super lazy cook too. I’m looking forward to having a house with a grill one day because then I can put my boyfriend to work. The birthday cake story was hilarious. Not cooling the cake before frosting is a totally common mistake, so he shouldn’t feel too bad 🙂

    • The grill has been nice and I haven’t really had to encourage him to use it!! I still remember him standing at my front door with the cake. It still tasted yummy 🙂

  • I love these interviews posts! Too funny about the cake, I think we’ve all been there though. I’m with Shay on freezer choices & favorite appetizer too – YUM!

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