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Friday Favorites 08.03.2018

Friday Favorites 08.03.2018

Hi everyone! I’m linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea for Friday Favorites. Let’s start with last Friday.

Last Friday, my brother and I visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Southern Methodist University.  Besides exhibits featuring President Bush’s time in office, 9/11, and childhood, there was a small section of the museum with a “library.” With excitement, we spotted some of our childhood favorites. Anyone remember Officer Buckle and Gloria? We had a great time and enjoyed a special seasonal exhibit featuring the First Ladies. A couple of dresses and personal items were on display which was nice. After touring the museum, we ate at Jason’s Deli. My favorite menu item is the lighter portion of the Black Bean Salad. For no charge, they’ll give me extra guacamole since I omit the cheese and sour cream. After coming home, I relaxed and played with the dogs. Shay and I turned in early.

Saturday morning, I met up with my sister-in-law and her mom to go to Town Talk. It was fun and I am all stocked up on berries for smoothie prep! Afterwards, I drove to Trader Joe’s for a few additional items. A new Trader Joe’s post will have to come soon! I have some new favorite items! For lunch, Shay and I went through the drive through at Taco Cabana. My options are pretty limited here but I have gotten creative. I ordered a couple sides of their Mexican rice, refried beans, and black beans with some pico de gallo (condiments are free!!) At home, I had leftover tostada shells and shredded lettuce. Here’s my version of a Cabana bowl!! Shay installed new windows in our master bedroom and my goodness, let there be light! It’s messy in our room so I opted to not take a picture! 

Sunday, I attended service and taught class. Afterwards, Shay and I made this epic meal together! I’m showing you the picture of his meal because it looks better than mine 😉 In the evening, I went to a church member’s home for my small group’s swimming party. The water felt so amazing and was very refreshing! It was so cute watching all of the littles “swimming” with their little floaties on! After coming home, I successfully convinced Shay to give Parks and Rec another try and then went to bed.

Monday morning, I worked out to some Youtube videos and had quite the weather surprise on my way to work. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a super anxious person but I’ve also seen Twister one too many times and don’t play around with funky looking clouds. On my drive, I called my dad who assured me that all would be fine. And all was fine. By the time I got off work, our 90 degree temperatures were back, the sun was out, and you would have never known we had a storm blow through.

Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful except for being busy at work. Tuesday night, we attended a park event called “Strut Your Mutt.” We strutted our mutts on a brief walk and called it a night. There really weren’t any mutts out. Just ducks. Lots and lots of ducks. Whomp whomp. Thursday was a busy day at work but I was able to quickly run by Chipotle to get a yummy salad. Shay wanted to grill for dinner so he grilled sausage and steak for himself. Potatoes, asparagus, zucchini, and onion were also thrown into the mix.

That’s about all I have for you! So grateful for a three day weekend. My body and soul need some restoration. While I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw a picture that made me VERY happy!! Fall items are hitting the shelves! Give me all the pumpkins,

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  • I always forget about Kirkland’s – I need to look there this fall! Fall decor makes me so happy!
    You had some amazing Mexican food this week! I love parks and rec but it is a bit slow season 1. My students told me to start with season 2 so I did. I need to go back amd watch season 1now. A new movie comes out on Netflix today Called “Like Father”with Kristen Bell and it looks cute. I think you have Netflix?
    I’m such a baby about storms and hate to drive in bad weather!

    • Season 1 is slow- you’re right but it’s starting to pick up more. Thanks for telling me about the Kristin Bell movie- I do have Netflix and will add it to my queue!!

  • I keep seeing people talk about Kirkland’s! Everyone seems to love it so I can’t wait to have a bigger space to decorate so I can check it out. Also all of your Mexican food has me craving some right now

    • I love Kirklands!!! They’re always sending coupons to my email so it’s really tempting to want to shop all the time

  • I love see how you make it work for your meals at various places! Makes me want to try to just mix it up sometimes & that Black Bean Salad with extra guac, YES PLEASE! Eeekkss I need to make a Kirklands run soon 🙂 Happy Friday Shannon!

  • Look at all of those fresh berries!! They are going to make some great smoothies! I am so annoyed that our organic strawberries are $5.99 over here. Ugh, I need to start growing my own lol. Your meals look amazing, well they always do! I’m glad Trader Joe’s has been a hit for you. I wish we had one a little closer, but it’s still doable. Our weather has been so crazy this week. Yesterday it down poured three different times and then the sun would come out, clouds would roll back in, and then roll back out. I hope August treats us all well weather wise. Have a great weekend!! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    • Thank you! They’ve been really good in my smoothies this week. I hope clear skies and sunshine will come soon to your neck of the woods!

  • I need to get myself to the US for a ‘fall shopping trip’ – I love the fact you guys revel in it so much! I just want to scoop that display up! SO cool you got to go to the GWB library – with Senior’s being at A&M that was a great opportunity for me, and I had no idea GWB’s was at SMU! Strutt your Mutt sounds like a great idea – but I hate it when mine chases ducks – they are so peaceful and usually paired up in a loved up couple – until the dog that is! I hope you have a lovely peaceful, re-boot weekend! Joanne xx

    • Yes come to the US!! Babymoon trip 🙂 I haven’t been to the library at A&M but want to! My brother lives so close to SMU so we had to go! Luckily my dogs didn’t seem to be bothered by the ducks. So thankful I didn’t get drug into the nasty water pond. Ugh that would have been bad!!! Thanks Joanne 🙂

  • Sounds like you enjoyed such a wonderful week! I’d love to visit that museum someday! Hooray for fall hitting shelves! I can hardly wait to decorate my home in those warm welcoming colors of fall! Hope your three day weekend was refreshing! xo – Brenda //

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