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Friday Favorites 08.10.2018

Friday Favorites 08.10.2018

Hello Friday! You’re looking mighty fine!!!

I’m linking up as usual with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday favorites. Here’s my weekly recap:

Friday morning, I drove Shelbie to the vet for two shots. Though her appointment was at 8:30 am, We ended up waiting quite a long time for our appointment. Turns out, an emergency euthanasia was going on that morning and the family was occupying our room. Prayers to that family! Once it was our turn, Shelbie ended up having her complimentary exam as well so that’s one less trip later on for us. Ever since Shelbie had her first intestinal parasite screening or poop probe, she’s been understandably fearful of the vet. She backs herself into a corner or freezes like a statue on the bench in the exam room. Lots of sweet words and empty bribes took place.

   After the appointment, a trip to the dog park was in order for both dogs.

Shay and I stopped by Sonic for a little lunch (just a few tots for me and swig of his blackberry lemonade), the library, and Home Depot. After a quick nap, I helped Shay with some work in the living room. Relaxing was in order for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning, I woke up early to do a few chores and headed to Target and Walmart. Taco Cabana drive-through was in order for a late breakfast/early lunch and of course I made a super fancy taco salad.

Shay’s dad came over a little while later and helped us with our living room and his mom dropped by with some brisket she had made. Our living room has now been converted into the Haunted Mansion.

Sunday, I attended church and taught class. Afterwards, I decided to check out Belk. I had never shopped there before. Y’all…..I have a new favorite place! 

Also, I paid $18 for those two tops. Even better!

Shay’s dad continued to help us and we are officially ready to texturize the walls. Shay’s mom accompanied me to Home Depot to purchase the paint for the ceiling and the walls.

Monday and Tuesday, my workouts went by the wayside as I went into work early to prepare for a few early morning meetings. Shay and I grilled (or rather he did) Tuesday night. This will be Monday’s post!

After nearly a week off, working out resumed Wednesday and a 30 minute workout took place Thursday. Yay! We were expecting rain starting Thursday night so I took the dogs to the park. There was hardly anyone there because it was ridiculously hot and humid. We were there not ten minutes when an ice cream truck just pulled up and parked in the parking lot. It was a Honda sponsored ice cream truck and though they encouraged me to take some FREE ice cream, I politely declined after they told me the ice cream wasn’t for the dogs. Humph. The truck left after ten minutes. I have never had ice cream from an ice cream truck before. My parents didn’t allow us to buy ice cream from the trucks…never knew why… Mom if you’re reading this, Evan and I would like to know the REAL reason 😉 

Well that about wraps up my week. Oh!! I did want to leave this video here!!! Sooo funny!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 08.10.2018”

  • Uh…. because we already had ice cream in our freezer and it was already paid for? 😂😂😂 No overpriced ice cream in our freezer says your frugal mom! xxx

  • Funny video! Which two tops did you buy?
    We are starting a renovation soon. Are you dealing with it ok or is it driving you crazy?

    • I bought the baby blue and the peach one with little flowers.

      I have good days and bad days. It is really fun doing it together with my husband. We have saved a lot of money but the process itself takes longer. That’s been the hardest part! We both have full time jobs!

  • I’ve never been to Belks but I’ve heard great things about it! Plus two tops for $18 really can’t be beat. That’s kind of cool you could have had free ice cream on such a hot and humid night. Gotta love sponsored things like that haha

  • Taco sald has my heart and my tastebuds..oh and free ice cream does too, lol!! Shelbie is so pretty! Happy weekend!

  • Your poor pup! That taco salad looks so yummy. Home improvements are so hard for me…on one hand I hate the mess and disarray, but then when they are complete, I love it! Happy Friday!

    • Yes poor pup but I think we’ve made it up to her!! We feel the same about home improvements. Trying to remember what we’re working for 🙂

  • Glad your pup had a good pet visit! My dog loves going to the vet but my cat is TERRIFIED! I dread his annual visits. That store looks awesome…what great deals on two tops!

  • Aww, poor pup! I can understand why she would be fearful of the vet! 🙁 And why would an ice cream truck show up at the dog park and then only allow it for the humans??! Haha.

  • I feel like you should get ice cream from the truck at least once in your life! But really only once because you’re not missing out on much. 🙂 And the Southern Games video cracked me up. I love all their videos!

  • It was so lovely to see Shelbie’s happy face after the vet – her eyes were so pitiful in the first photo – I hate seeing anyone’s pet like that – and feel even worse for the owners – it really is not nice taking your dog there when you know they are scared. Ours is so obliviously silly, and hasn’t had a bad experience yet so that he hasn’t got to that stage yet – phew! You are very lucky having a TACO drive through. We don’t have any type of Mexican drive throughs here, or many Mexicans ( one in the area but super expensive) . Tacos, our country needs you!! J xx

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