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How We Do Potlucks

How We Do Potlucks

Happy Wednesday everyone,

It is time for another installment of “How We Do” in relation to food. For those of you who are new readers, Shay and I have special dietary needs and therefore any food scenario can be quite treacherous!

Here’s what I’ve talked about so far:

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Today we are talking about…POTLUCKS!! This meme made me laugh because it’s so true!

These are always hit or miss and these days, people have potlucks in many shapes and forms. I’ve divided them into several categories: holiday potlucks, work potlucks, and the good old fashioned potluck.

Holiday Potlucks

These type of potlucks usually occur for Christmas Eve and New Year’s. Shay’s family and my family tend to do finger foods. Usually we all have sandwiches, chips and dips, cookies, and other hot appetizers. Usually, food assignments go out via email. In some cases, we send out group texts or use those online sign up genius websites. I sometimes bring our own bread or a couple of appetizers that are safe. I also volunteer to bring foods that Shay will likely want to eat (queso dip) or some kind of side dish along with a dessert. Shay and I usually talk beforehand so I have an idea of what to bring and he helps me decide what to sign up for. Fortunately, we have several family members who have been very understanding and accommodating so holiday potlucks have been relatively easy for us to navigate!

Work Potlucks

At my job, we do a few potlucks per semester. They are really fun and each potluck lunch has a different theme. Themes for this year include Fire and Ice (bring something cold or spicy), Rainbow (sign up for a color and bring a food with that color), and All About You (bring a dish that starts with the first letter of your last name). We also have your typical pizza potlucks, salad potlucks, etc. All of our sign-ups are online so I know exactly who is bringing what. Online sign-ups are awesome so I can easily accommodate for myself by bringing something similar, eating before, or supplementing with snacks I keep in my desk.

Good Old Fashioned Potluck

I’m talking about the classic church potlucks or ones where there could be a million side dishes or desserts. Because you don’t know what’s going to be there! These are usually a crapshoot for me and Shay. Usually we skip out or I would likely do something like bring a bunch of chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. Nearly everything Southern potluck has that and Shay happens to enjoy that! Someone usually brings a veggie or fruit tray so I’ll load up on that. There’s usually always some kind of dip and chip so if need be, I’ll have some chips to fill in the gaps. 

I felt I didn’t really share any groundbreaking information here today but at least now you know how we do potlucks!! Potlucks are really fun and I really enjoy seeing the variety of dishes. Most importantly, it’s about bringing people together!!

Ready to go Potluck’n!!

6 thoughts on “How We Do Potlucks”

  • That meme represents potlucks so well!! There’s always multiple crockpots at any potluck. I love when there’s a visible sign up for what people bring to potlucks! It makes it’s so easy to be sure you aren’t duplicating something and then I know if I should bring anything extra for myself since I’m picky.

  • Another brilliant American tradition I feel I am missing out on 😉 I might try this with some friends for Christmas – the best part is people won’t feel like they are ‘putting you out’. It is a great concept and needs to catch on here! 🙂

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