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Friday Favorites 08.17.2018

Friday Favorites 08.17.2018

Hey y’all,

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday favorites. It’s been another busy week!

Last Friday morning was our school district’s convocation event. Convocation lasted about 2 ½ hours and featured guest speakers. Our superintendent closed out our performance by singing, “Sweet Caroline.” He did a great job! There was also a terrific elementary school choir who periodically sang throughout the program and there was a really good band who played before and after convocation.

After convocation, I managed to dodge some of the rain and met up with my team at Main Event for some “team building.” Lunch was provided and it was delicious! Fajitas and all the fixings were on the menu. Corn tortillas were an option which I was happy about! They had plenty of guacamole and also featured a pineapple salsa. Now I’ve heard of mango and watermelon salsa but this was new to me. I’m definitely going to figure out how to make some! My plate looks messy but it was sure good!

For the remainder of the afternoon, our department was split into eight teams and we had a contest to see who could rack up the most points. Bowling was first up followed by playing arcade games and then lazer tag! Though my team did not win overall, I did score the highest for my individual team though!!!

When I came home, the dogs were a filthy mess from the rain so they were hosed off. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing.

Saturday morning, I met my nephews, sister-in-law, and her mom at Town Talk. After several months of no Larabars, I was greeted to a fully stocked shelf of LARABARS!!!! Almond Butter and Chocolate Chip which I have not tried yet! They weren’t even close to expiring so I don’t need to freeze them.

At the end of shopping, the boys received their back to school “boxes.” Next Tuesday, I’ll be posting a how-to tutorial and explain more about the boxes.

I napped after coming home and then met up with a few family members to drive out to Shay’s cousin’s baby shower. It was a really cute shower and this baby is going to be serious styling!!

After the shower, Shay and I went to Costco where we picked up quite a few goodies, including another dog bed!! It’s only fair that each dog has their own bed 😉

So I have a guilty pleasure that I forgot to mention several months ago… I love the clothes at Costco. Especially the work-out and comfy clothes! I bought a sweatshirt in a maroon color and comfortable lounge pants in a dark gray/charcoal color.

After coming home, I folded laundry and began to watch Like Father, a Netflix film recommended by Maureen. It was quite entertaining and I really liked it! Once the movie was over, I started to read before calling it a night.

Sunday morning, I attended church and then Shay’s dad came over to help us work on the house. Honestly, it was mostly the guys who did the work. I ran out to Fuzzy’s and bought them tacos though! I worked doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that- blog work, work work, and book work. Never thought I would say this but I have scheduled at least 20 book holds from now until Christmas. On average, I check out at least 3 books at a time from our local library, each lasting me about a week. What I like about scheduling holds is I can edit the dates at any time or cancel them altogether. However, I do enjoy the occasional trip where I can freely roam the library without a list and walk out with some unexpected reads!

Monday, I somehow got up and worked out before getting ready for work. I forgot my lunch at home so I went to Jason’s to continue redeeming a gift card I’ve had for a while. After I placed my order to-go and paid, I was informed they were out of the black bean/corn medley (I always order the black bean taco salad). So odd! So I asked for a refund and then went to Chipotle.

Tuesday through Thursday was fairly uneventful aside from a workout kicking my tail and then taking the dogs on a walk. After several days of rain, the dogs and humans were eager to get out. Shay and I found episodes of Cesar 911 on Netflix and have been enjoying the episodes. Watching these episodes gave me some pointers on how to improve training with my two.

This weekend is another Houston trip to celebrate a special birthday for my grandmother! We are planning to go to Galveston for her birthday dinner. Hopefully, I’ll get some good pictures of the beach since I have my new camera. I feel I’ve been slacking in the recipe department but I will share some more soon!

Costco Comfy Clothes for the Win,

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