Tuesday Talk: DIY Back to School Gift Basket

Tuesday Talk: DIY Back to School Gift Basket

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In the spirit of going back to school, I thought I would share a fun tradition that I’ve done for 3 years now with my nephews: a Back to School Gift Basket.

The beginning of school can be daunting for some kids and parents! Putting together a gift basket is a great way to motivate students for when school starts. And gift baskets are just so fun!!! These are easily adapted to all ages, both young and old alike (those college kiddos need love too!) My cousins have been doing this with their niece and nephew for several years now and it has inspired me to put these together each year for my nephews.

This year, I was able to purchase everything at Walmart! Since I found the containers I wanted to use at Walmart, it made sense to “build” the baskets in my shopping cart to make sure the bins held everything. You can also find a lot of these items at the dollar store, especially the snacks and little knick knacks.

Here are some examples of the bins I found at Walmart.

Here’s what you need!! Note: these are suggestions based on my experience but you can always add what you want based on the child’s preferences and age!!

Your choice of container (wooden crate, backpack, collapsible bin, old Amazon box that you can wrap in paper, or any type of small bin. This year, I found these cute canvas bins for about $4 each at Walmart)

Tissue paper (you may also want to purchase wrapping paper if you are assembling the items in a  box)

Snacks (fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, movie candy, individual snacks, cookies in containers, homemade cookies or brownies)

Drinks (Gatorade, cans of Coke, fruit juices)

Fun school supplies (folders or spirals with fun characters or designs, fun gel pens, sticky notes, pencil bag. Most schools have required school supply lists. I like to get a few things that may be on the list but also fun items too!)

Practical school supplies (crayons, markers, erasers, colored pencils)

Cup or reusable water bottle (I like to get fun plastic cups- my nephews are Dallas Cowboys fans!)

T-shirt or little outfit (I typically purchase novel T-shirts for the boys! They love Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and the Avengers. I checked with their momma ahead of time to make sure I had their current shirt sizes)

Other age appropriate knick knacks (fun toys like bubble wands, books, blankets, small plush animals, chalk paint, DVDs, cards, stickers, coloring books. For older students: Sonic or Starbucks gift cards, earbuds, cute picture frame with family picture, makeup, or cash would be appreciated!)

Special card wishing your student all the best for their new year!

Once you have purchased all of your items, line your “box” or container with one or two sheets of tissue paper. Put the largest/tallest items in the back and then fill the spaces with the remaining items. I like to use the extra tissue paper as stuffers to make the basket look more full. If you have anything like fruit snacks that come in a box, consider taking the fruit snacks out of the box so it takes up less room.

Lastly, present your gift basket to your student!! Traditionally, I have presented the boys with their gift baskets the weekend before school starts. This year, the exchange occurred a week earlier since I was going out of town.

You could get even more creative and make your gift basket “themed” with the child’s favorite color. I’ve done an autumn theme one year. No matter how big or small, it will be met with a great big smile!

What are some of your fun back to school traditions? Comment below!!

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