Friday Favorites 08.24.2018

Friday Favorites 08.24.2018

Hey everyone!

It’s time to link up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday favorites!

Last Friday, my brother and I rode down to Houston together to celebrate my grandmother’s 85th birthday. We arrived at a reasonable hour but goodness was I ready to hit the sack once we made it.

Saturday morning, Mom and I ran to HEB to pick up some movie snacks before our mid morning movie at the theater. Outside of HEB, I spotted this awesome Texan windmill!

I always like to stroll around and see what new items are in stock! They had Grease inspired OPI nail polish colors! As usual, they had clever names!

My parents, grandparents, great-aunt, and myself went to see Christopher Robin! It was a cute movie! My great-aunt and grandparents hadn’t been to a movie in a while so they were in for a real treat with the reclining seats! After the movie, we had some time to kill before our dinner reservation so we did cake and presents early back at the house.

Dad and Mom also premiered their vacation slideshow so all of us could watch. For the past few years, they have taken some pretty neat vacations and my dad will compile all of their photographs and video footage and transform it into a mini movie. Subtitles, music, and all! This past June, they flew into Boston, drove up into the northeastern part of the US and ventured into Canada. They rented a car with their friends and explored Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Makes me want to escape this heat and go hibernate in Canada for a while.

Around dinner time, we headed down to Galveston and dined in at Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant. Established in 1911, Gaido’s is a very fancy restaurant on the Seawall. Their decor is simple but I love green chairs, wooden features, and sophisticated table settings.

Everyone’s meal looked amazing! I was able to order a salad and a baked potato for myself. Our waiter was very helpful and patient as I asked a million questions about the menu. Let me show you what some of my family ordered!

At the end of the meal, a special birthday treat with pecan pie, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce was brought out for Grand B!!

And last but not least, it is a Gaido’s tradition to provide finger bowls (warm water with a lemon slice). I don’t know of many restaurants that do this! We felt so fancy!! Especially my brother:

Sunday, we attended church and went to Starbucks to chat before it was lunch time.

We also explored the nearby Target and checked out their renovations. They are making Target look like a high end store!! Fun fact: I used to work at Target during high school and some of college!

We enjoyed Blaze Pizza for lunch before Evan and I packed up to go back home. My grandparents especially enjoy creating their own pizza! 

We took a detour via College Station to drop off something for Evan’s brother-in-law. I thought of you Joanne!

Monday through Thursday, I went to work and also managed to work out in the morning! Monday morning (which was the first day of school) surprised us with some showers!!

During the evenings, Shay worked on texturing our kitchen and living areas.

Lots of take out and freezer raids have been in order as a result!

Shay has got me to the painting part and I’m really excited!!!! I likely won’t have a recipe for this Monday because I will be busy painting and my taste tester is out of town! If it makes you feel any better, my paint colors have dessert names!!!! Tiramisu Cream and Macaroon Cream.

All About Those Desserts,

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