What’s Up Wednesday August 2018

What’s Up Wednesday August 2018

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s time for What’s Up Wednesday with Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay! It seems like forever since my last WUW and I think I have some new info to share!

What I’m eating this week…our grill game is still going strong! We love our Nexgrill Deluxe and have been enjoying lots of savory dinners.

Shrimp Bro-Shay

Perfect Summer Supper I

Mamma Mia Burgers

Monday night, I made these bad boys!!! Recipe to come on Monday along with a carnivorous version for the Shay’s Way fans (aka: most of my dear readers :)) 

What I’m reminiscing about…the days I used to run. Running in the heat bothers me tremendously. Indoor workouts have been my go-to for this time of year but there’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. I highly recommend this 10 minute abs video on YouTube. Your abs will be dying!

What I’m loving…the fall ads that are starting to flood my emails and newsfeed. Kirklands and Hobby Lobby always have such nice items. I can’t wait to be finished with the living room so I can break out all of my fall decorations.

What I’ve been up to…last weekend, I tackled painting the living room and the hallways. It’s starting to come together. All that is left is baseboards, trims, rebricking the fireplace, and tiling.

What I’m dreading… working on the kitchen and bathrooms next. I’m looking to the finished product but it just takes longer when you’re doing it all yourself. One of these days, we will be done!

What I’m working on…remodeling. Chip and Joanna make it look so easy don’t they?

What I’m watching…I’ve started watching The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society on Netflix. Shay and I are slowly making our way through Parks and Recreation.

I also found Same Kind of Different as Me on Netflix. Great movie!!

What I’m reading… Ooh I have lots to share here! My summer goal has been surpassed! I’m on my 18th book since Memorial Day weekend. I’m obsessed! A recap of the first 8 books I’ve read can be found here! Book reviews for 9-16 are here! Find me here on Goodreads as I would love to connect and see what you’ve been reading!! Here’s what I’ve been reading and have especially enjoyed!

What I’m listening to…Enya, Christmas music, and Christian worship music. At home while working on the house, it’s been Adele/Michael Buble Pandora station, the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack, and Christmas music (when Shay’s not home). By the way, I’ve created my own Spotify playlist for Christmas music: Shan’s Christmas Jams!

What I’m wearing…we have had a few close calls with the white pants but they have washed well! I still wear my tan flats and bracelets. I would take pictures of my outfits but I don’t have a suitable place for photographing in the mirror!

What I’m doing this weekend…I think we are going to the lake to celebrate Labor Day weekend.

What I’m looking forward to next month…relaxing in our living room and celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary! Here’s a wedding pic of us! I love the good old fashioned black and white photos 🙂

Hoping all of you have a great rest of your week!

16 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday August 2018”

  • Gorgeous wedding photo! The lake would be fun and I’m sure you need a break from home Reno. The food looks delish! You could take outfit pictures at work if you aren’t too embarrassed to ask someone!

    • Thank you Amy 🙂 That’s a good idea! I just need to find a good “wall” somewhere in our building as my background!

  • Did you read “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society”? If not I recommend! I read the book but haven’t watched the movie. I want to get my hands on the book version of “Same Kind of Different As Me” and can’t seem to. Thanks for sharing it’s on Netflix! I had no clue it was even a movie.

  • Such great reads & Netflix finds! I’m finishing up reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society right now and can’t wait to watch it. Have fun at the lake this weekend 🙂

  • You wedding photo is stunning!! Gimmie all the pumpkins!! That Netlix movie sounds like a keeper. I always binge shows and forget about their great movies!! Have a wonderful Wednesday girl!

  • Love your wedding pic and the fact that you’re listening to Christmas music! Home renovations can be so exhausting. What I’ve learned is, the ones that have a team of people and time to dedicate to it full time are the ones that can bang them out. Hang in there! We’ve definitely been there but the end result is amazing. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  • I had NO IDEA ‘Guernsey’ was on Netflix! I hope its on ours – I really fancy that! Ok I would buy ALL of that Fall stuff. The shops here don’t have anything, it is kind of sad. I am the only person I know in the UK who is made for seasonal décor – and I can’t find any! Love your posts as usual! J x

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