Photo Dump Day

Photo Dump Day

Hi all,

My schedule is a little wonky this week with the three day weekend. I’ll have some favorites to share on Friday but I thought I would share pictures from this past weekend. We spent most of the weekend at Shay’s family’s lake home. Enjoy the photo bombard!

Big Girl Camera Pics

We always eat super well at the lake. I did not eat these BUT I love watching the bacon cook, cheese ooze, and the grill charring the jalapeños around the edge!

Bacon wrapped shrimp served as simple yet savory appetizers.

Lots of playing “fetch” with empty Gatorade and water bottles took place! These boys played and played.

And the grown-ups played as well!

Stetson and Cooper kept thinking these water balloons were toys for them.

Someone opted not to play and soaked up the sun.

Ready for the next activity!

Looking for a fish.

Ready to tackle the photographer!

In his happy place!

Him too!

On Monday morning, we took a boat ride around the lake. So neat to capture various kinds of terrain and “mini forests” on some of the smaller islands/peninsulas within the lake.

Shelbie enjoyed observing her surroundings in the boat.

Though exhausted from playing hard, Cooper found the boat ride to be relaxing.

The boys awaited our return.

Other Pictures Not From the Big Girl Camera

Eating and laying on the ground because you’re so tired!

Cooper, Stetson, and Shelbie went for several early morning swims by themselves!

While watching them swim or chase after squirrels, I indulged in some delicious avocado toast!!

May look like I’m sitting on the bed over the edge of some rocks, but there is a large pane of glass between me! The front bedroom in the lake cabin has a terrific view.

Matches are a practical substitute when you forget candles! Just light them VERY quickly!!

So those photos are some of the highlights of my weekend! I’ll be back Friday to share some favorites 🙂

Avocado Toast For Every Meal,

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