Recap of Summer Bucket List

Recap of Summer Bucket List

Hi friends,

Today, I thought I would recap my summer bucket list! This was the first time I had ever created a seasonal bucket list and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not everything was accomplished mainly due to the weather and remodeling but I was fairly pleased with my progress!

George Bush Library

This was a really neat experience! I visited here with my brother! We enjoyed the interactive activities and the 9/11 and political exhibits. Read more about our visit here!

Perot Museum

Excellent museum and the cafe with GF/V options for me added bonus points! Also, educators get in for free! I loved each floor of the museum and how they incorporated so many areas of science. The sports part of the museum was probably my favorite part! Find more of a detailed recap of the Perot here!

Dallas World Aquarium

Sadly, I did not make it here! However, Shay has promised to take me and I’m holding him to it!

Homemade Ice Cream

I’m pretty bummed about not being able to accomplish this one. My ice cream maker was not really accessible due to remodeling and everything being scattered everywhere. Big boo!

Go Full Vegan for a Month

Though I may not have been the most healthy vegan, I did manage to accomplish this. Some of you have asked about my progress with this. Here’s the latest! I have continued to stay away from most animal products. I will eat a little seafood about once a month but very minimal. Candy has been my downfall, especially if there is milk fat or regular milk used in candy bars. I still drink almond milk and have learned to appreciate nutritional yeast in lieu of cheese.

Get a Facial

Wow! If I had the money to get a facial every week then I would do it in a heartbeat! I really lucked out with this one. Near my house is a beauty school offering 50% off your first service. A 50 minute facial for $12?? Can’t beat that! I have done a mask since then but it was really hard to peel off!

Read 10-15 books

Check check check!!!! I thought reading that many books would be an impossible feat but I did it and have fallen in love with reading again! Thank you Amy and Maureen for all of your book suggestions and for the friends (Rechelle) who are following me on Goodreads! Thankfully, my local library has many of these books available for check out. However, I’m on the waitlist for the more popular ones! I did 2 reviews and will be posting a third review later this week. Find them part 1 here and part 2 here!

Pizza On the Grill

Well, technically it was a smoker…. This was a really neat Father’s Day lunch idea. We made three pizzas, one being GF/V for myself. The flavors were phenomenal!!

Find a PenPal

Kinda cheated on this one…. I technically do have a penpal. Our sponsored child in the Philippines writes letters back and forth to me. Poor gal, she has to look at all of the pictures I send of Shelbie and Stetson!! I was hoping to have another PenPal in addition to our girl. Anyone know of any military organizations or nursing homes who have such a program?

Fort Worth Zoo

Shay is supposed to take me hopefully this fall!! This one WILL get done!

Memorize 10 New Bible Verses

I have about 8 accomplished. The problem here is that I need to continually repeat and rehearse them so they are fully committed to memory. I’m having a hard time memorizing the actual verse and chapter numbers. Still a work in progress but this should really be a lifelong goal right??

Farmer’s Market

I did visit my local farmer’s market. It was rather small but I can say I went!

See a Community Play

I may hold out on this one until the winter/spring when our local high schools do a musical. I’m more of a musical person.

Dinner/Movie Date

Shay and I saw lots of movies this summer and had food at the theater! Check!

Next Thursday, I will be linking up with some gals and will publish my fall bucket list. I’m really looking forward to it and hope you enjoy it!


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