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Tuesday Talk: YouTube Workout Videos

Tuesday Talk: YouTube Workout Videos

Hi friends!!

I’m linking up with Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk where you can talk about pretty much anything! Here’s what I’ve talked about so far this year:


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I’m excited about today’s topic: YouTube Workout Videos

In college, I was fortunate to have access to a very nice fitness center complete with an indoor running track. I took advantage of the track but that’s about it. Working out in gyms is a bit of a social phobia for me. A lot of people love going for the community and accountability and that’s awesome!!! It’s just not my scene. Working out is something I tend to do on my own but I don’t mind taking a walk with someone or going with Shay to walk the dogs. However, I still liked the idea of participating in a “class” and tried to find some other ways to make this happen. For a while I worked out to Jillian Michaels and Kathy Smith videos but as time went by, I needed more variety.

About 4 years ago, I discovered there are tons of full length workouts on YouTube. One plus for me was not having to take the time to get out of the house, get into the car, and drive to and from the gym. Currently, my workouts start around 6:00 am )on a good day) or as soon as I crawl out of bed in the morning. Every minute counts! Secondly, I love how the videos are available anytime of the day and are accessible in the privacy of my own home. Not going to lie, I have done a workout with pajamas on! Lastly, these workouts are free if you don’t mind the occasional ad. Gym fees can be crazy expensive these days!

I prefer workouts requiring minimal to no equipment. I do have two sets of dumbbells: 5 and 8 lbs. All of these videos require weights or none at all.

Here are some of my favorite videos that I’ve discovered!

Favorite Full Body Workouts

Cassey Ho was one of my first YouTube trainers that I really enjoyed. She’s pretty hip and always has fun background sets and popular background music playing. I’ve done her workouts for 4 years now and they are HARD but effective. The video I posted is a great beginner’s workout for pilates. Cassey has a lot of song challenge workouts that are fun and a lot of 5 and 6 minute series. If you only have a few minutes to workout, do a couple of the shorter videos. You will be surprised how much intensity she packs into that short amount of time! Check out her website to find her monthly calendar. She also has some recipes and other motivational videos on her YouTube channel.

About a year ago, I got into Rebecca Louise who is from England. She is very motivating and I have enjoyed her workouts. She has a lot of full body workouts around 15 minutes but I have enjoyed this 30 minute one.

Jake DuPree is probably one of my favorite trainers. His workouts are TOUGH! One of the toughest ab workouts I’ve ever done is right here. For 10 solid minutes, you are moving and grooving! His legs workout is killer too.

Popsugar Fitness features a lot of celebrity trainers on their channel. If you want a 30-45 minute workout, they have a ton. Above you will find a tough workout from Jennifer Lawrence’s Trainer. I also like this workout here from featured guest trainer Autumn Cabrese.

A few weeks ago, I started doing Pahla B Fitness workouts. I can happily say I can complete a 5k run in my own home! She has a lot of walking and running workouts that are pretty adaptable to all levels. I’ll usually put one on and then turn the TV on in the background since she keeps the running/walking intervals pretty consistent.

Lastly, I love me some Leslie Sansone! She has developed terrific walking videos for folks of all fitness and ability levels. They are fun and the time goes by really fast! If you are at a beginning fitness level, I recommend starting with her and then work with Pahla B for more advanced cardio.

So there you have it, these are some of my favorites! 

For my friends who work out, do you have any favorite YouTube workouts? How do you like to exercise?

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