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Friday Favorites 10.05.2018

Friday Favorites 10.05.2018

Hi all!!!

I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites!!

Autumn weather has slowly unveiled herself though summer appears to want the final say. Last weekend, we experienced some rain but the heavens opened up long enough for me to take Stetson to our community’s Doggie Beach Bash!!! Though cloudy out, we managed to dodge the rain long enough for Stetson to enjoy himself!

I have been looking forward to this day for the past year! Our local water park reserves the last Saturday of September for the dogs and their humans. Aside from the grown-up tube slides, the park is a free for all!

Here are a couple of pics from Stetson’s adventure!!

He did not know what to do first!

Down to rumble in the beach volleyball area!

He loved these little lagoons.

I skipped this part but lots of dogs enjoyed floating the lazy river with their humans.

A local company donated hundreds of tennis balls. Stetson enjoyed fetching these in the wave pool.

Making some new friends.

Living his best life!

More exploring to be done!

We can’t wait to come back next year!

Aside from Stetson’s day at the water park, here are some other favorites from my week! Monday was a special day for me! 

I realize I have a couple of summer reads in there…. I had been on the waiting list for some of these books for a while and they just now became available.

Ulta had a buy one get one free special on OPI nail polishes this week. I picked up two shades. This one is my new fall favorite! Another blogger I follow (Andrea) recommended this fast drying top coat. It’s a little stinky but whoa!! I was able to dig into the chip bag within 10 minutes of applying the top coat!

Our peony tree showed off some of her blooms!

Today’s Friday Favorites is short and sweet due to another busy week. Thankfully, I have a three day weekend!

22 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 10.05.2018”

  • The doggie thing looks so fun! I don’t know that Ernie would do lazy river in my lap. That image was funny! Ernie would want to swim!
    Love the polish color – so fall!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Oh my godh that Doggy Beach Bash looks like it is so much fun! That many dogs just makes me happy! Bet you can’t guess I’m a total dog lover haha!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Our water park does that too and it is always super packed with happy dogs. Hahaha! Your waterpark looks amazing! Also, I love that top coat! Happy Friday!

  • Hope you’re having a great weekend! The nail polish color is great, but I was focused on your ring – so pretty! Is it a gimmel ring (in which the rings are intertwined) or do they simply stack on each other?

  • What a fun day at the Doggy Beach Bash!!! Love that. And OPI is a great brand for nail polish- that color is lovely for fall. I love it! Thanks for sharing, Shan 🙂 Love your posts!

  • The fact someone had the thought to, and then organised making the park a doggy aqua park is quite simply brilliant. I think Humph would be hysterically happy if he could go somewhere like that. What lucky dogs – it must have been adorable to watch them all so happy. And as for the tennis balls – Humph’s life IS tennis balls. You are so lucky you can grow Peonies – I tried this year and our’s died, even with daily watering, plus they are so spindly when a small bush and can’t cope with the wind here. Yours are gorgeous! By the way – with all the base and top coats with Opi how long does the polish last? it is not a brand I’ve tried before and the current one I use barely lasts the day. Hope you had a great weekend xx

    • I know! They deserve an award. There were tennis balls EVERYWHERE so Humph would be in his element.

      Thank you! At least I think these are peonies- they seem to bloom after rain but for a good majority of the year, the bush is completely bare.
      I can make it about 3 days with very minor chips with OPI but I don’t use a special base or top coat. If I did, I think I would get more wear out of it. Thanks Joanne 🙂

  • Some of the city pools here will do something similar for dogs and it’s so cute! We didn’t take our pup this year but maybe next year! I love peonies! I had no idea that they also bloomed in the fall?!?!

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